Accounting homework help

Accounting homework help.

Read the entire book I uploaded and then write a maximum 2 pages essay,  write about what contemporary topics or issues we should think about and take care of as accountants or what research questions you want to ask to the accounting researchers. Be creative but find some specific evidence of anecdotes from real companies.

The specific guidelines are:

The essay assignment should be more than 1 page and less than 2 pages with double spaced fonts size 12 with Times New Roman.

For the essay assignment, you should include three things. First, you need to summary the books in one or two paragraphs. Then, lessons you have learned from the reading should follow as the second thing you want to have. Last but not least, you should what could be the challenges or concerns you may face as accountants and what relevant research questions you want to ask as the accounting researchers. I mean that what challenges accountants will face due to the fourth industrial revolution, COVID-19 or any other changes we are facing these days and what are the questions that accounting researcher can answer to help the accounting society.

For example, social media has adopted by many companies these days and more and more companies use social media for business communication. Does social media disclosure substitute SEC filing of the companies or is it a just complement traditional financial accounting reporting?

Please provide links for some anecdotes why you think those challenges would be there and explain why you think answering the question(s) you are asking is important to tackle the challenges we are facing. Please find some interesting stuffs to read.

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Accounting homework help


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