>Accounting homework help

>Accounting homework help.

An end of semester Term Paper focused on comparative theory and age-related developmental concepts will be accompanied by a literature review and an application to a case study.

1. Choose a stage of development that interests you the most. Explain your reasons for choosing this particular stage of development?

2. Describe the developmental tasks that apply to this stage of development including an explanation of Erik Erikson’s biopsychosocial crisis as applied to what specific age range.

3. Compare two other theories that can be applied to explain the central themes of this particular chosen stage of development.

4. What may be the strengths that achievement of this particular stage of development may bring?

5. What are possible risks/hazards (biopsychosocial) that individuals may be confronted with such that may lead to an unresolved resolution of this stage of development.

6. Formulate a case study example (imagined or real but anonymous – e.g. yourself, a family member, a friend) and apply the age-related tasks and an examination of the life course theory to this client’s circumstances during the chosen developmental stage.

7. Conclusions regarding the student’s thoughts on the most effective types of interventions that could be applied to help their client to resolve the psychosocial crisis and move forward to the next specified stage of development. Additionally, a discussion related to the student’s own learning and recommendations from this assignment.

8. This is a 8 to 10 page (excluding cover page and bibliography) paper in double-spaced, size 12 type, essay paragraph paper. Students will be required to integrate in-text citations from the text and from at least 6 supplemental posted syllabus articles and links. The content of the paper will follow the assignment format with use of headings. A bibliography will be attached to the end of paper. APA in-text cited content is to be used: if paraphrasing (author’s last name, year of publication) and if using briefly quoted content (author’s last name, year of publication, page number). This paper will be evaluated according to how well your ideas have been presented in-depth, and on the organization and written quality of the paper in respect to grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. No late papers will be accepted.

>Accounting homework help


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