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Accounting homework help. Background:

Australia Post delivers mail to millions of Australians every year and to over 190 countries worldwide, and during 2017 they posted an after tax profit of $95.4 million (Australia Post, n.d.).

You have been employed by Australia Post on a one year contract as a Change Manager to implement the extension of trading hours from 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays in 5 post offices in NSW. This is a pilot program (to test out the change) prior to changes being rolled out in post offices across Australia.

Change management involves extensive consultation with internal and external key stakeholders, and can include development of a wide range of documentation. For example, policy and procedures manuals, communication plan and materials, training plan and materials, reporting plan, development of key performance indicators, and a review plan for ongoing feedback and monitoring to implement continuous improvement (QGCIO, n.d.).

As this change process will be used for future rollouts in post offices across Australia, it is critical that extensive formal monitoring and evaluation be undertaken of these 5 post offices to identify any changes to the process that may be needed.


Task Requirement:

  1. Explain the activities and components involved in the change management process or cycle and strategies for communicating and embedding change for this Australia Post pilot project.
  2. Explain how you believe organisational behaviour and the external environment might impact on change strategies you may implement for this Australia Post project.
  3. Develop a Change Management Project Plan for the extension of hours on Saturdays at 5 NSW Post Offices, ensure you identify the tasks necessary, allocate priorities, resources and timings to each task, and prepare a risk management analysis.
  4. Based on your review of Australia Post corporate documentation, please also identify and list in your Change Management Project Plan the key internal and external stakeholders (include the names of the company management positions) you would consult on this project, and indicate what method you would use to consult them, and when you would consult them
  5. In your Change Management Project Plan please include planning for the timing of approvals and indicate which positions in the organisation will approve each activity.
  6. Discuss what you consider might be the barriers to change for this new initiative, and what strategies you could put in place to address them.
  7. Develop a Communication Plan for educating staff on the changes and their implementation, including what communication activities will be undertaken, by whom and when, and what the key messages of the communication activity will be.
  8. Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including design of at least 3 key performance indicators that can be used to review and evaluate the Change Management Project Plan, and modify future similar projects to roll out this change to operating hours across all NSW Post Offices.


Formatting for your Answer

  • Please include your student name, student number and date you prepared your assignment on your assignment answer.
  • Any material sourced must be paraphrased in your own words, have an intext reference, and full reference details must be presented in a Reference list at the back of your assignment answer.
  • References to be presented in APA Referencing style – please refer examples at (use the ‘Back key’ to navigate between the examples for different types of documents at this site).


Australia Post (n.d.). Part of Tomorrow. Annual Report 2017. Retrieved April 26, 2018, from

Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO). (n.d.). Change

Plan Workbook and Template. Retrieved April 26, 2018, from


Accounting homework help


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