American history homework help

American history homework help.

Demonstrate knowledge of these terms:

  • Interface
  • Interaction/interactivity
  • Viewer, viewer engagement
  • Aesthetics

For your one-page analysis:

1. Describe your chose piece in as much detail as possible. Artist, Title, Date, Medium(s) Type of art. (Painting, installation, game, Instagram narrative, social media artwork, Twitter feed action, Virtual Sit-in)

2. Discuss from these three perspectives at least: interface design, interaction/interactivity, & aesthetics. (Hint: the example does not have an “interface” design, as I see it…but we do interact with it (how?) and it does have an aesthetic to it. What?) 

  • Interface design (What is the interface? Is there an interface? If so, what is it? How does it work? If you do not know what an interface is, then please look this word up. (Links to an external site.)
  • Interaction/interactivity – How can viewers interact with this piece– what has the artist intentionally allowed viewers to do?
  • Aesthetics –What is the featured aesthetic? Please be explicit. Talk about ‘style’, but also, does the art reference other works, if so, which? Does the piece remind you of anything? What associations can you make? Can you label its aesthetic?

Analyze this:  “Truth and Beauty” by Moritz Stefaner –


Image of Artwork – Title, artist, date, medium. *if you know these*

Interface design: There is no “interface” for this artwork. It is a pretty standard-approach to an object-sculpture/installation, shown on a podium. If it is a digital photograph then it is just to be viewed and has no other interface.

Interaction with the piece is determined by the viewer having their vision. There does not appear to be a sound component. While it looks as though this may be a completely fabricated image, it is also possible that one could make it and walk around the podium to look at it from all sides. Otherwise, the viewer is asked to read a small sign, in English, and to make associations between the pile of heart-like objects and the eating utensils. (Use analytical tools from Lecture notes on Week 11?) 

Aesthetics – This piece was found using the search term “social media”. Its aesthetics are, arguably, influenced by social media in the sense that it is a pile or accumulation of “eye-candy-like” hearts, which look almost like candy. The smooth, sleek character of the surfaces suggests artificiality, or ‘hyperreal’ aesthetics, especially if one considers the image to be the artwork and that an artist made this “photograph” in photoshop or another program. It speaks to digital fabrication, 3D printing, and the ability to produce small, meaningless, “likeable” or “fun” objects without thinking too much about what they might mean. The intense color adds to this candy-like “likeability” which comments on the mediation of social reality through apps and platforms which garner the user as much “like attention” as possible. It is as if there is a plate of “followers” and now the artist can gorge herself.

American history homework help


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