American history homework help

American history homework help. Rural to Urban Essay Assignment


In a 1200-word (minimum) essay, answer the below prompt and create an argument that supports your thesis.


Why did the United States transform from a rural to an urban country between 1865 and 1932?

Your thesis will answer this question by naming (1) key factor and will explain how that factor contributed to the transformation of the United States during the period in question.

You will also have a roadmap statement that lists (3) relevant support points to the factor you named in your thesis. In your essay, your roadmap will immediately follow your thesis. Your thesis should be toward the end of your introduction.

Your three supporting points from your roadmap should be the subjects of the (3) main sections of your essay and of your topic sentences.

General Instructions

  1. Construct a thesis-driven argument and support your position with specific examples.


  1. Your essay should follow a general 5-paragraph essay format. You should have an introduction, support paragraphs, and a conclusion. You may have more than 3 support paragraphs if need be. Please see the section on support paragraphs in the “Essay Outline” document.


  1. Each support paragraph should contain specific examples and reference sources.


  1. You must include a minimum of (9) concrete and specific examples (the names of people, places, events, dates, or ideas).


  1. Do not use information from outside the time (1865 to 1932).


Sources and Citations


  1. Use the textbook, primary sources, and other assigned course material to support your argument. Do not use sources other than those mentioned here. Do not use internet sources.


  1. Use a minimum of 3 primary sources from sources provided on the course website (“Sources of Freedom”). I recommend using at least 5 primary sources for top credit on sources.


  1. Cite all quotes and references to specific ideas and data. For help citing work and creating a work cited page, consult a librarian or visit: Points will be deducted for lack of citations or improper citations.


  1. You may use any FORMAL citation method. Citations and your work cited page MUST be in proper form that conforms with the citation standard you pick.


  1. Create a Works Cited page and include it as the last page of your essay. You should have a minimum of 4 sources on your Works Cited (3 primary sources from “Sources of Freedom” and the textbook).


  1. You must include in-text citations following quotations, sections that are paraphrased, or the use of idea/specific information that is not common knowledge.


Submission and Expectations


  1. Submit your paper to the submission folder on the course website and verify that your paper has no more than a 20% originality/similarity score on Turnitin. I recommend that you complete and submit your essay early so you can verify your similarity score.


  1. Meeting minimum requirements may just earn an average or ‘C’ grade.


  1. Proofread your essay for errors in grammar, spelling, mechanics, and style problems. Papers with these problems will receive a lower grade.


  1. Papers with less than 1200 words will be penalized.


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