American history homework help

American history homework help.


1) As a young child, what job did John perform on his family farm?

2) After he didn’t get accepted into Troy University, John wrote a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. Where did he invite him to go?

3) When did non-violence become an essential worldview for John and intertwined his thoughts on Christianity?

4) What type of preparations did John and others on the buses undergo before arriving in Montgomery? What mindset did it set up for them?

5) At 21 years old, John went on the Freedom Rides and had interactions with police, leading to a famous photo of his being taken. What part of his body was “bloodied?”

6) Eventually, John and a few others were beaten senseless and left in a pool of blood in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Years later, what two individuals came to his office? What did these two individuals say and do?

7) During the conversation of potential state reparations and intervention, John makes a point regarding voting power. What are his thoughts of voting in a democratic society?

8) MLK and Robert Kennedy influenced John to do what for the rest of his life? What motivated John down this line of work?

9) What philosophy did John and his colleagues try to impart to young students during their work with schools?

10) What does John think that the legacy of young men and women will be moving forward?

Lastly, in your own opinion, what course of action(s) would you personally want to perform moving forward to make positive changes within the world? Large or small. Feel free to discuss.


American history homework help


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