>American history homework help

>American history homework help.

For Part 2 of the Unit 3 Exam, choose ONLY 1 essay question from the list below, which covers chapters 9 and 10 in the textbook. Grades will be based on the content of the answer and must be more than 300 words in length. Direct quotes do not count toward the required word count.

Part 2 Essay Questions:

1 – Explain how improvements in transportation and communication made possible the rise of the West as a powerful, self-conscious region of the new nation. Discuss the internal borderlands within the West.

2 – Discuss the impact of the market revolution on women and African-Americans (both free and slave).

3 – Explain the shift from artisan to factory worker, and discuss the factory system. What were the advantages and disadvantages? Who was left out? Who benefited? What were some ways workers responded?

4 – Thoroughly describe the arguments made that linked American freedom to westward expansion. Who or what were obstacles to freedom in the pursuit of expansion? How did Americans deal with those obstacles?

5 – Explain how transcendentalism and the Second Great Awakening affected the definitions of freedom. How were both movements a response to the market revolution?

6 – One German newcomer wrote that “there aren’t any masters [in America], here everyone is a free agent.” How accurate a statement was that? Why would a German immigrant view America as free? Do you think an Irish immigrant would feel the same way about America? Why or why not?

7 – The admittance of Missouri to the Union sparked a national crisis. Describe the debates that led up to the final compromise. How does the Missouri Compromise illustrate that sectional issues would surely arise again?

8 – Explain how Democrats and Whigs viewed liberty and the role of government in securing liberty.

9 – Analyze the arguments that were presented during the nullification crisis. Be sure to comment on how Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun interpreted the Constitution differently and how each defined the rights of states. Finally, speak to how the crisis illustrated the growing sectional differences in America.

10 – Thinking back to previous chapters, analyze America’s policies toward Indians from the Washington administration through the removal of Indians from the southeastern states in the 1830s and early 1840s. What ideas and policies about Indians remained the same? Which changed? Why?

>American history homework help


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