Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help.

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    • File SOC-220_SOCIAL PROBLEMS PRESENTATION_Sample.pptx SOC-220_SOCIAL PROBLEMS PRESENTATION_Sample.pptx – Alternative Formats (1.525 MB)
    • File SOC 220 common presentation assignment rurbic.docx SOC 220 common presentation assignment rurbic.docx – Alternative Formats (18.424 KB)
    • Power Point Assignment Rubric and List of Social Problems are attached:
      Social Problems Presentation Instructions

      This assignment will investigate the concepts covered in this course and allow you to use policy evaluation, cultural values, and political outlook to discuss it.

      This assignment fulfills/supports

    • Module Outcome: You will define how prejudice, stereotypes, and racism help to perpetuate disadvantage for less powerful groups.
    • Course Outcome #2: You will identify and describe key social problems and proposed solutions.
    • General Education Competency #1: You will use critical thinking skills that support cultural awareness and a global perspective.
    • The Project Assignment:

      As a journalist or researcher, create a 1-2 minute commercial OR 15-22 Power Point Presentation on an international (I ask that you limit your topics to non-American social problems) social problem to be shown during the news. This information should be compiled into a commercial presentation using power point slides, Flipgrid, Animoto, or Powtoon.
      You must answer the following questions by also providing a typed summary in MSWord format answering the following questions if you are providing a 1-2 min. commercial. If choosing a power point presentation, please make sure theses questions are included in your presentation with answers- detailed and comprehensive, using 3 academic sources (min.) or more if needed:

    1. Topic selection and explanation for choosing the topic. Select a problem in another country. Since there are literally hundreds of topics to choose from, I ask that you limit your topics to non-American social problems. Identify the problem. Provide some background and/or information concerning why you choose this particular topic. Be sure to discuss who is involved. (0-15 points)
    2. Explain why the social problem is considered a serious issue. Provide research within the past 5 years. Is the problem increasing, and if so, how and/or why? (0-25 points)
    3. Acknowledge how this problem can be addressed from a journalist perspective. What path would you take to bring light to the problem if you were a journalist for this story? For example, you may choose to focus on a specific region or topic. If you want to focus on a specific topic, some ideas for you to consider might be youth (toy soldiers, child labor), gender, rape, health, illness (AIDS), drug use (additional topics may be found under helpful information). Since there are literally hundreds of topics to choose from, I ask that you limit your topics to non-American social problems. (0-20 points)
    4. Identify at least four sociological concepts related to this social problem. You must demonstrate your understanding by including one sociological perspective. You may select three other concepts and explain how it helps us better understand the nature of the social problem you selected? (i.e. socialization, norms, gender, deviance, dehumanization, cultural universal, alienation, role expectations, life span, etc.) (0-15 points)
    5. What might be one important way in which the social issue is currently being addressed in society?  Examine examples from mainstream media that address the issue. Provide at least two examples of a current event, news report, or a media outlet that addresses the social problem. (0-15 points)
    6. American Solution. If this problem were in America, how would the problem be solved? (0-10 points)
    7. Your commercial presentation should be critical and analytical (solely not opinion)
      Any evidence of plagiarism to include self-plagiarism will result in zero for this assignment.

      Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action. Leon-Guerrero, A. Canada: Sage.
      FTCC Library
      Public Library (Link of examples of social problems)

      Acceptable Length:
      1-2 minutes or fifteen slides
      Formatting Requirements

    • Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title on the title slide.
    • References should be in MLA Citation Style
    • Submit through SafeAssign.
    • Grading Criteria
      You must address the problem with:
      ¬    At least 3 references for this assignment; Wikipedia may not be used as a reference.
      ¬    Academic writing is recognized by a well-edited clear and concise paper.
      ¬    Any evidence of plagiarism to include self-plagiarism will result in zero for this assignment.

      Also our FTCC Library databases can be very helpful in finding information: some of them are:
      Opposing Viewpoints
      CQ Researcher
      Films on Demand
      Issue and Controversies
      Pop Culture Collection
      You may also use .edu, .gov. .org sites. Please do not use Wikipedia as a primary source or .com sites. Also for each slide, please include your research you found for each source in the comments/notes  area of the power point slide and a reference slide/or include your references in your MSWord summary submission.

  • ItemReminders for the power point presentation or commercial- Also samples/examples
    Reminders for the power point presentation or commercial- Also samples/examples
    Attached you will find the instructions and grading rubric for the Social Problems Presentation: SOC 220 common presentation Update_2_ _2_.docx
    (For this assignment, you have the choice of developing a 2-3 minute commercial or a 15 min, slide power point presentation, based upon a social problem/issue in society).
    You may use some of these ideas for topics:(Please email me if you want to use a different social problem that is not from the list
    Human trafficking
    Child Marriage
    Kafala Domestic Workers
    Exploitation of young boys
    Sex trafficking/prostitution
    Skin bleaching
    Gender inequality
    Food and water availability
    Political freedom/instability
    Safety, security, and well-being
    Government accountability/corruption
    Religious conflicts
    Climate change
    Animal cruelty
    Destruction of natural resources
    Domestic Violence
    Health care/Global health

    Here are some (optional) sample video- commercials to view:
    Please also view the sample power point presentation in the : “Power Point Presentation” link in Black Board

Applied Sciences homework help


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