>Applied Sciences homework help

>Applied Sciences homework help.

For this assignment, you will be taking on the role of marketing manager for the organization that you researched in Unit VI (Apple Marketing Plan). Within that role, you will need to present the marketing plan that you completed in Unit VI to the marketing team (Apple Marketing Plan). This will require no additional research, but you will be compiling your content into a PowerPoint presentation and subsequent video. The items below should be included in your presentation.

a) Introduction: Include a brief introduction of the company.

b) Competitive Analysis: Provide a comparison of the company against two or three competitors.

c) Marketing Strategies: Include an examination of all four Ps (product, price, place, and promotion). This should include the product and service, pricing, distribution/place, and both traditional and digital marketing strategies.

d) Competitive Advantage: Address whether the company holds a competitive advantage in each of the areas of the four Ps.

e) Ethical Stance of Company: Present the company’s ethical stance, which can include topics such as how they have created an ethical culture, social responsibility or corporate social responsibility (CSR), or any other topics related to ethical behavior within the organization.

f) Conclusion: Provide recommendations for this company with respect to future marketing strategies, remembering to include topics involving all four Ps.

The PowerPoint must meet the criteria below.

a) Must be at least 15 slides in length (not counting the title slide).

b) Include speaker notes in order to further explain the information on each slide.

c) If outside sources are used, please follow APA Style when creating citations and references.

>Applied Sciences homework help


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