Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help.

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Writing Schedule:

Oct. 27            Discuss outline, topics

Nov.3              Finalize  outline, topics and research (min. 2 sources)

Nov.10                        Due: 4  research articles, thesis and arguments; Sections I& II due

topic and arguments

Nov.17                        Due: Sections III & IV…

Nov. 24           Due: Sections V/ citations and format/ Full Draft

Dec.10             Due : Essay #3 on Canvas/D2L


Assignment Overview

Rhetorical Situation: You are a senior student in your major department and have been asked to present a paper at a scholarly conference. The paper should be on a current  topical issue in your discipline field. You will read through scholarly journals and newspapers to identify such an issue. You will also check with one professor in the discipline department to ensure the topic is valid. Your paper will be a policy argument regarding the specific topic. You are required  to develop a specific policy thesis and organize a sustained argument around it that employs multiple rhetorical modes.  You are also required to find  source material, partly by using library databases, and at least one of the sources must be a peer-reviewed academic article. (EBSCO)

Assignment Outcomes

  • Identify and explain a specific and compelling problem within the parameters of the rhetorical situation outlined on the assignment prompt.
  • Develop a solution to the problem and communicate this solution within a well-constructed thesis statement.
  • Organize a sustained policy argument that is sensitive to a particular rhetorical situation.
  • Use more than two rhetorical modes in developing the paper’s argument.
  • Use library databases to find appropriate source material.
  • Distinguish between academic and non-academic sources and use different types of sources in appropriate ways.
  • Integrate source references, including direct quotations, using signal phrases (attributive tags) and parenthetical in-text citations (APA format).
  • Synthesize references from a minimum of six sources.
  • Construct a properly formatted works cited page using APA guidelines.






  • Length: 2,000-3,000 words.
  • Format: Follow MLA guidelines.
  • Source Usage: Six sources, at least two academic. The paper  must demonstrate effective summary, paraphrase, and quotation using signal phrases and parenthetical citations for attribution.  The paper must include a properly formatted works cited page.
  • Submission: Submit through

All final topics must be approved by the professor.

Development  Requirements:

The essay should be an argument regarding one of the topic areas below. Make certain to obtain research on both sides of the issue. Pay attention to the full argument format, citations, logic, and structure.  The introduction should give an overview of the issue, definition of issue,  history of the issue, and the main arguments and thesis. The body paragraphs should examine one argument each according to the prescribed structure.  The conclusion should include a proposal for resolving the problem and a projection of the issue in the future.


Topic areas:

1)   A social/political  problem policy

2)   A medical or scientific problem policy

3)   An environmental /technological problem policy

4)   An educational problem policy


Suggested sources:;






Argument Essay Format (Sample: Should capital punishment be banned in the US?)

  1. Introduction (min. 1/2- 2 pages)
  2. Definition; all terms – capital punishment, death penalty,types ( 2 sources/professional…Encyclopedia Brittannica…)
  3. *History/timeline – earliest date, all dates events/laws /data,types/form/current people (min 2 sources)
  4. Importance -This issue is important because the crime rate has been increasing throughout the nation. ….
  5. Organizational sentence- Major arguments are the following: Is c.p. constitutional? Is it effective? Is it moral?  (capital punishment is  __, ___, and ___.
  6. Thesis – After careful examination, it will be proven that (capital punishment should be banned in the US. )



  1. Argument #1 (min. 3/4p- 2 pages))   One point of argument is whether capital punishment is constitutional.
  2. Definition- The term “constitutional” is defined as “………”(Constitutional”). The term “constitution” is defined as “…..”(Princeton University Law School).
  3. History- The U.S. Constitution was created in……..It contains….Its purpose is to ……. (Stanford University).
  4. Importance – This point of argument is important because it is one of the most debated issues in the legalization of capital punishment.
  5. Opposition’s argument – Proponents/Opponents of capital punishment claim that it is constitutional. ( 1- source research)…
  6. Rebuttal- (What is wrong with their argument? Disprove them.)

These statements are _________.

Possible rebuttals: limited interpretation of the Constitution

misinterpretation of the Constitution

biased interpretation of….


partially truths

illogical (fallacy specify)



** F.Your argument (Proponent)…It is unconstitutional because ….(more research 2 sources))

G.Concluding sentence…As a result, capital  punishment is unconstitutional.











  • Argument #2: Another….Is it effective? (min. ¾ page- 1 ½ p)
  1. Definition
  2. History
  3. Importance
  4. Opposition’s argument
  5. Rebuttal
  6. Your argument (Proponent)- According to …… the Constitution……. Capital violates/ is upheld) by ___ Amendment……..


  1. Concluding sentence:

As a result, capital punishment  is (constitutional/unconstitutional).


  1. Argument #3: A final point of argument is whether capital punishment is moral. (min. ¾ page-1 ½ p)
  2. Definition
  3. History
  4. Importance
  5. Opposition’s argument
  6. Rebuttal
  7. Your argument (Proponent)
  8. Concluding sentence


  1. Conclusion- In conclusion, capital punishment should be banned….(min. ½)
  2. Restate thesis
  3. Proposal (details) – One major proposal to address the issue is…..
  4. Projection- If this proposal is implemented…the result….












  1. Definition
  2. History

1.B.C. Period

2.Modern Period

  1. 1700-1900
  2. 200-present
  1. Importance
  2. Thesis statement


  1. Argument #1: Is capital punishment constitutional?
  1. Definition
  2. History
  3. Importance
  4. Opposition’s argument
  5. Proponent’s Argument
  6. Concluding sentence



III. Argument #2: Is capital punishment effective?

  1. Definition
  2. History
  3. Importance
  4. Opposition’s argument
  5. Proponent’s Argument
  6. Concluding sentence


  1. Argument #3 Is capital punishment moral?
  2. Definition
  3. History
  4. Importance
  5. Opposition’s argument
  6. Proponent’s Argument
  7. Concluding sentence




  1. Restate thesis
  2. Proposal
  3. Projection



Final Research Topics


Should animal testing be banned? (Is it ethical/moral? It is necessary? Are there better alternatives?)

Should animal cloning be allowed in US (consumption)? Is it safe?  Is it ethical? Is it beneficial financially?

Should pink slime be banned  for consumption?

Are the current governmental regulations sufficient to ensure safety of food consumption? Are the inspection policies sufficient? Are the penalties sufficient? Are there better alternatives?



Should architect be liable for building collapses?

Should all new architecture be required to be “green”? Would it be beneficial to the environment? Would it be beneficial to lifeforms?  Would it be cost-effective?



Should human cloning ( or stem cell research)  be allowed in the US?  Is it ethical (Hippocratic oath) ? Is it safe? Is it moral?  Are there benefits?



Should the government limit American companies’ outsourcing?

Should the Whistleblower Act be continued?   Has it been effective? Does it protect the individual? Are there better alternatives?

Does the “glass ceiling” still exist? Does discrimination exist in the hiring process? The promotion process? Are current laws sufficient?

Should segmentation marketing be discontinued?  Is it discriminatory? Is it effective? Are there better alternatives?


Chemical engineering

Should citizens have the right to sue the government for contaminated/pollution environment? (Constitutional) Is it constitutional? Are the current policies effective (EPA)? Are there better alternatives?

Should oil companies be held civilly and criminally liable for oil spills?

Should fracking be banned?


Civil engineering/architecture

Should engineers/architects be held responsible for building/structural collapses?


Criminal Justice//Psychology

Should the death penalty be banned in the U.S.? (constitutional)

Should youth be tried as adults?  Are youth totally responsible for their actions

(psychologists/sociologist) ? Can they be rehabilitated? Are there better alternatives?

Should the  “open carry” gun policy be instituted at colleges?

Should there be federal police reforms to ensure against police brutality?


Communications/Computer Engineering

Should the government have the right to access personal communications/devices? Is this constitutional? Is it necessary for national security? Can it be abused?  FCC, NSA,DHS

Should the government have the right to regulate/monitor media?   Is it constitutional? Is it necessary for national security? Can it be abused?



Should the “common core” be instituted in all states?

Should special education students be mainstreamed/inclusion?  Constitutional? Is it socially beneficial? Is it academically beneficial?

Should colleges discontinue the use of standardized tests for admissions evaluation? Are the tests fair/biased? Are the tests accurate evaluations? Are there better alternatives?


Electrical engineering

Should lithium batteries be banned from use? Are they safe? Are they cost effective and beneficial? Are there better alternatives?



Should euthanasia be legalized nationally in the U.S.? (Is it moral? Is it constitutional? Is it ethical?)

Should healthcare workers have the right to refuse treating infectious patients? Is it constitutional? Is it ethical? Are there better alternatives?

Should steroids be legalized in professional sports? Are they safe? Would it ensure fairness? Are the penalties fair?

Should the abortion  law be repealed? Is abortion safe? Is it moral? Is it constitutional?

Should the USA have universal healthcare? Would it be effective? Would it be cost effective/economical? Would it be constitutional?


Mechanical Engineering

Should automobile companies be civilly and criminally liable for defects in cars?

Are the current requirements and regulations on airplanes sufficient to ensure safety? Are the inspection requirements sufficient?(FAA)  Are the equipment requirements sufficient? Are the pilots/employees sufficiently trained?



Should music be mandatory in the K-12 curriculum? Is music beneficial academically? Is it beneficial socially? Is it cost-effective?


Political science

Should the TSA and Patriot Act be continued? Is it effective? Can it be abused? Does it violate individuals’ rights? Are there better alternatives (proposal)?

Should the electoral college be abolished? Is it necessary? Does it ensure democracy? Is it discriminatory?



Should   the insanity plea be abolished? Is it effective? Can it be abused? Is it moral/humane? Are there better alternatives(proposals)?

Should youth be tried as adults? Are youth totally responsible for their actions? Are there negative effects of trying youth as adults? Are there better alternatives to the current policies?


Social Work

Is the current CPS system effectively protecting children? Are the workers sufficiently trained? Are there sufficient resources for the CPS office? Are the reporting/monitoring systems effective? HHS


                                                                        Works Cited


Burden, Arnold, and Andrew Safer. The Dramatic Life of a Country Doctor: Fifty Years of Disasters and

Diagnoses. Nimbus Publishing, 2011.

Lerner, Leonard. Miracle at Springhill. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960.

Lunsford, Andrea et al. Everything’s An Argument with Readings. 6th ed. Boston: Bedford/St.Martin’s,

Mann, David. “Tour a Mine, Springhill Miners’ Museum.” Nova Scotia, Tourism Nova Scotia, 14 March


“Miner.” Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2019,  [Reference source-dictionary/encyclopedia]


– MLA Format



Works Cited Page entries:

Note: alphabetical, indentation, information order and format





In-Text citation samples:

Note a paraphrase citation and a direct quoted citation.


Buildings shook, telephones went dead (Prairie View A&M University), and seventy-three miles away seismographs at Dalhousie University” (Mann) .   …..registered the movement as a small earthquake  (Lunsford et al  289).  Shortly after the first group of trapped miners was rescued (“Miners”), The Ed Sullivan Show, America’s most popular network program, invited the miners and their wives to appear on air to “commemorate the heroism of the individual” (Burden and Safer 169).




Proofreading Checklist:



Order of Essay Document:

Title page






  1. title page  and outline page
  2. margins
  3. paragraphs
  4. required sections of the essay
  5. topic sentences
  6. organization of discussion/ required discussion
  7. direct quotes
  8. in-text citations
  9. references  page
  10. transitionals
  11. required resources/research; minimum six different resources
  12. spelling/mechanics (fragments, run-ons, abbreviations, subject-verb agreement, plural, possessive, verb form,pronouns
  13. APA format for in-text
  14. APA Reference page: alphabetical order, order of information within the citation, indentation, lower case/upper case lettering, italics usage, punctuation.
  15. Three references are to be annotated bibliographic format
  16. Pronoun agreement….. ex: People should get a higher education because it will help him /them in the future.







Title Page Format








An Argument for/against  Healthcare…..











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