Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help. Task Assignment:


1. Select a client you are working with (individual, family, group, couple or community group) and define briefly the problem you are working on.  2 points

The client I am working with is a young adult, pregnant and homeless. She expressed concerns about “living on the streets” her first three month of pregnancy. The problem for the client is her living situation and roommate. The client is employed at a supermarket but her current financial situation is unpredictable with a newborn coming soon.

2. Indicate the goal/goals you and your client  MUTUALLY agreed upon.  2 points


1. Obtain permanent housing

3. Identify 5-8 tasks associated with each specified goal to be performed in order to reach the goal/goals. Specify which tasks you will be responsible for and the tasks the client will be responsible for. 2 points

Task 1: Complete housing assistance application Owner: Melissa/Client

Task 2: Develop a budget over the next month. Owner: Melissa/Client

Task 3: Contact the client’s DSS worker to obtain information about available housing resources and benefit eligibility. Owner: Melissa

Task 4: Identify a list of transitional housing options. Owner: Melissa/Client

Task 5: Visit one transitional housing option once a week. Owner: Client


4. Explain how each of these tasks is directly related to the client’s problem/goal. 2 points





5. Using Task Achievement Scaling (a 4 point rating scale – please see the reading in KA & H, pages 322 – 323) record the progress made (over time) on each task 2 points

(can you make a similar diagram as the below?) TY








6. Calculate the final rating on each goal 2 points  (please refer to the rating scale in KA & H pp 322 – 323)

7. Write a brief summary of the results.  Indicate what work needs to be done mutually between you and the client to reach the goal or each of the goals, including how you and your client will move through the steps of the Task Implementation Sequence (TIS).  The steps of the TIS are: 2 points (please touch on all of the following)  (The TIS is summarized in the Hepworth chapter 13)

· Enhance the client’s commitment to carry out tasks.

· Plan the details of carrying out tasks.

· Analyze and resolve obstacles.

· Rehearse or practice behaviors involved in tasks.

· Summarize the task plan.

8. Please be sure to reference the required readings (Hepworth Chapter 13 – on Moodle Module 8, & KA & H, Chapter 8) when referring to key concepts, using APA style both in text and on the reference page, and edit/proof for grammar and spelling. Please do not use outside readings for reference; only the required chapters listed above) 1 point


(I attached Hepworth Chapter 13)

Applied Sciences homework help


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