Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help.

Topic: Final Report and Presentation Style: APA style Sources: At least 3 Sources: The sources should include Government and Hospital Data + Updated Peer Reviewed Sources are preferred (Not older than 5 years)

Instructions • students are required to conduct a virtual project and write a report in the form of a research

paper (and later a PowerPoint Presentation) Each group is required to choose a healthcare system and then address the points below utilizing the same format:

• Title Page • Abstract • Introduction

– Brief historical background of the organization – Value, Mission, and Vision statements of the organization

• Body of the Project – Organization structure and Levels: A comprehensive explanation of the

organizational levels and relationship between the units. Below are some department units that may guide you through this section. Remember to include each department specific tasks and responsibilities within the organization:

Ø Eligibility Department Ø Patient’s Relations Department Ø Emergency Administration department Ø Medical Records Department (Health Information System) Ø Outpatient Clinics Department

– Explain internal and external environment of the organization by using SWOT analysis

– Recommendations: that can help with the weaknesses experienced at the healthcare organization. (NOTE: You have to quote the specific solution-based remedy for the weakness regarding what you have learned through the program so far and the rationale/reason behind the recommended solution provided)

• Conclusion • References • Appendix (If you used any tables, graphs, images, or maps)

Components of paper – Page Number: 4-7 pages – Title page: Name, title, class, section, date and supervisor – References: end of paper with centered title “References” – Margins – One-inch margins are required on every side. – Spacing – Double-spaced – Font – Times New Roman, 12 point – Page numbers – Make sure to put page numbers at top right corner of every page (in – header)


Components of the PowerPoint Presentation



– Slides: 15 -10 Slides – Use graphic presentations; tables, graphs, images, or maps – Oral presentation consists of 20-25 minutes for presentation of the paper, including all

the contents of the paper – The presenter should prepare a reasonable number of PowerPoint to be on time – Additional slides could be prepared as backup slides to support possible answers to

attendees’ questions – Presentations should be clearly structured and should contain the essential elements of the

accepted formal paper – All accepted papers are expected to be presented

Applied Sciences homework help


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