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Write a 750 word essay that answers one of these three topics:


1. Discuss Revenge in the play and how it affects the characters.

2. There are a lot of comedic elements in a play that is filled with darkness.  Why is this necessary for the audience?

3. Discuss the nature of women in “Hamlet”?

IT Benefits/Risks Paper

IT Benefits/Risks Paper

As the course name implies, this course was designed to explore the implications that technology has had on society. Although technology has led to many benefits in and for society, it also has many negative aspects. You will be writing a paper that should summarize what you have learned in this course about the various ways technology has impacted society. You may want to take some time to review the major concepts of the course that relate to this, which includes the chapters listed below.

· Ethics for IT Workers and IT Users

· Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity

· Privacy

· Freedom of Expression

· Intellectual Property

· Ethical Decisions in Software Development

· The Impact of Information Technology on Society

· Social Media

· Ethics of IT Organizations

This paper will be used to meet two objectives:

1. Course objective: “Describe societal benefits and risks associated with technology.”

2. Department/program objective: “Analyze the local and global impact of computing technology on individuals, organizations, and society.”

Paper Guidelines:

· Compose a minimum 1000-word paper (about 3 pages double-spaced) that discusses the impact of computing technology on individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

· Discuss at least one benefit and/or risk from each of the areas listed (see list above).

· This paper should be typed using your own words – do NOT type verbatim from the book or use direct quotes from the book. This is your summary of what you have learned in the course.

· Pick a minimum of three of the areas listed above and find one source online that supports or contradicts your opinion.

. You cannot find three sources for one area above.  You must have one source for three of the chapters you studied this semester.

. I will give you 10 bonus points if you use five sources or more.

· You paper needs to have a Bibliography page.

Formatting Guidelines:

· Center and bold the paper title, which should be IT Benefits/Risks.

· Double-space the body of the paper.

· If subheadings are used, they should be bold and typed at the left margin.

· You will use MLA rules for citing sources and formatting your paper.

. Hint – Use Microsoft Word 2016 or later to write your paper.  These versions manage all your sources, inserts citations correctly, and formats your bibliography page.


· Proofread carefully! Points will be deducted for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. mistakes. Remember there is an English Writing Lab (it’s even offered online) to assist you.

· Submit to using the link below.

Article writing homework help


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