>Article writing homework help

>Article writing homework help.

My topic is how nanotechnology could improve computer chips?

Guidance:  You will submit an individual project proposal related to nanotechnology. You are to choose a research area that interests you and identify a problem within that research area. You will follow the guidelines for research proposals that we studied in class.


· 3 – 4 pages in length (not including references)

· Contains an introduction that provides background about why this topic is interesting or important. The introduction should contain 5 – 10 references and which identifies a specific research question.

· A methods section in which you describe what you intend to do in your project in detail, or as specifically as you can at this preliminary stage, including methodology for evaluation

· A list of expected outcomes and a timeline for completion if your project is approved/funded

· A references list of all the material you have found, even material that is not cited in your proposal but that has informed your work (i.e. materials from class).

· Your writing should show evidence of the writing support work that we have engaged in so far in this semester:

o Clear paragraph structure with strong topic and concluding sentences that move from general to the specific and back to the general

o Sentence structures should have a strong sense of complexity, and use sophisticated linking devices to increase coherence

o Strong ability to use restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses, noun phrase, adjective complements, comparison language, transitions and anaphoric references, and all other explicit language features we have studied.


Proposals will be graded using the following criteria:

· Format (15 pts): Uses headers to subdivide sections, citation and reference format (either APA  format), spacing, paragraphs, title page, etc.

· Quality of writing (15 pts): Does the memo follow general writing style guidelines, as well as the particular features emphasized by the instructor: paragraph structure and use of topic sentences, evidence of sentence complexity and use of level-appropriate grammar (including the target structures studies in class).

· Quality of information included in the memo (50 pts) – Did you include enough context surrounding the issue and discussion that anyone reading the memo would be able to understand the issue? Does the information you include demonstrate you have analyzed the issue and have considered various stakeholder concerns?

o Information on background/context: 20 pts

o Clarity and Specificity of Research Question (10 pts)

o Methodology (20 pts)

o Expected outcomes/ Completion timeline  (10 pts)

Assignment: 80 points total

>Article writing homework help


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