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For the most part, hand washing with certain specified and successful antibacterial soaps will remove and neutralize resistant microorganisms. With the recent rise of coronavirus, the use of hand sanitizers has become quite common. Hands down, proper, and regular handwashing is an A+ effort, but hand sanitizers can help protect us from spreading microorganisms that cause infection and even transient flora, such as E. coli. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that it is 60-80% alcohol, use the right amount and that you rub your hands for at least 15-30 seconds (Golin et al., 2020).

Diet control and observation is another way to reduce the tolerance to bacteria in the body. There are instances where certain bacteria that live in someone’s sections, such as the stomach, get more significant than the drugs and prescriptions (Derrien 2017). In such circumstances, the bacteria could benefit from the food and diet of the person. Therefore, a change of diet will help fight the bacteria. This is seen when a person’s diet contains a specific food that can fight against the respective bacteria. Such a strategy would aid in the fight against resistant bacteria.

I include a few items in my daily diet, which I believe help protect me and boost my immune system. I take a shot of elderberry syrup with a few drops of reishi mushroom extract, and a large spoonful of sea moss gel. I take a teaspoon of black seed oil every few days, as well. Now that the cold season is here, I make a batch of turmeric paste and I store it in the refrigerator for my golden milk. Hopefully, this will continue to help me stay away from the need for antibiotics.

Answer professor’s response: (with facts only)

The statistical data/evidence byway of the numbers serves as the root of epidemiological findings that guide why we trust the recommendations.

1. Do those handwashing/hand sanitizer studies mention any statistical data to support those findings? If so, please discuss.

2. What are the statistical findings (numerical data to support) on sea moss, elderberry syrup, turmeric, reishi mushroom and black seed oil?

Length: 250-275 words, APA format, MUST use peer-reviewed, scholarly sources for this reply. (Google Scholar)

Article writing homework help


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