>Article writing homework help

>Article writing homework help.

my specie is : sea anemones

In this assignment you will use scholarly articles and approved webpages to provide a 500 word, referenced summary of management and conservation efforts around your species. This includes identifying the key threats impacting your species. As in previous assignments, this summary must include a reference for each sentence. Cite at least five sources – these can scientific papers and/or approved webpages. At the end of your summary be sure to include a list of all of the references you cited in the text (a bibliography) that allows me to link the in-text references to this list.

Topics to include

Threats (approximately 100 words): Give an overview and summarize the different kind of threats facing your species. These may include but are not limited to: bycatch, climate change, resource competition with humans, poaching, or directed harvest (e.g., overexploitation of commercially valuable species).

Focus on a single threat (approximately 150 words): Go into more detail on a single threat (or multiple closely related threats). For example, you may focus on the bycatch levels of a species in several different fisheries or gear types.  In this section, focus on describing the threat, extent of the threat, and the impact it has on the population.

Management or conservation efforts (approximately 200 words): In this section, discuss and summarize the management or conservation efforts that have been used to try to mitigate threats to your species. For example, you might discuss closed areas closed to fishing or the use of different gear modifications to reduce bycatch, or beach patrols to reduce predation or illegal harvesting of sea turtle eggs.

Figure related to management or conservation

In addition, include at least one figure related to management or conservation of your species. Examples might include a map of areas where boats are restricted to reduce noise impacts on your species, an image of gear modifications being used to reduce bycatch of your species, or an image of sea turtle hatcheries used to increase the number of sea turtle hatchlings.  This is a figure that comes directly from one of your sources, NOT one you make yourself.  You can feel free to just take a screen shot of the figure or image and insert that below your summary but be sure to include a caption and reference (where it came from) for your figure.

What you will submit:

So in summary, for this assignment you will submit:

  1. A referenced, 500-word summary of threats, management and conservation of your species includes references from 5 sources (scientific papers and/or approved webpages)
  2. A figure from one of the sources that includes a caption and a reference, and
  3. A reference list or bibliography that includes references in the text and for your figure.

If it is helpful to you to see an example of what this summary looks like, please see the attached Word document.

>Article writing homework help


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