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Final Paper

In this final paper, we will apply the writing conventions we learned about this semester and gain more experience with the process of writing.

You have three choices for this paper: You can write a review report (basically a literature review), a proposal for research, or a research paper. Your topic should be academic and related to your major.

The paper should be at least 6 pages, double spaced. You will need at least 10 citations, mostly from academic or trade sources. (at least 5 academic)


o   Title Page

o   Abstract

o   Introduction

o   Method

o   Results

o   Discussion

o   References



The default format for this assignment is APA.  Refer to the Purdue OWL website for help with APA formatting.  I think you will find the sample paper on the website particularly helpful.  You must contact me if you want to use a different format. (such as IEEE).   Make sure you cite your sources in your paper.  You will need to include a citation every time you summarize, paraphrase, or quote one of your sources.


Your paper should be 2,400-3,000 words long, not including your title page, abstract, and references.  This is roughly equivalent to 8-10 double-spaced pages, assuming that you will be averaging 300 words per page.  You must speak with me if you are working on this paper for another course and you are required to write more than 10 pages.



Your reference list should contain at least 10 sources, each of which should be cited at least once in your paper.  Follow APA style for your citations and references unless you have made special arrangements with me to use a different format. At least 5 sources should be academic. 预览文档


Rubric will be forthcoming



Include the moves below in the sections that apply to your paper.


o   Establish a research territory

By defining key terms and concepts related to the research area (obligatory)

By showing that the general research area is important, central, interesting, problematic, or relevant in some way (obligatory)

By introducing and reviewing previous research in the area (obligatory)

o   Establish a niche

By introducing a gap in the previous research or by extending previous knowledge in some way (obligatory)

o   Occupy the niche

By outlining purposes or stating the nature of the present study (obligatory)

By listing research questions or hypotheses and predictions (PISF)

By announcing the principal findings (PISF)

By stating the value of the present study (PISF)

By indicating the structure of the paper (PISF)



Overview: a short summary of the research method, at or near the beginning of the section (optional)

Research aims, questions, or hypotheses (optional)

Participants: a description of the individuals or groups involved in the study (PISF)

Materials: a description of the materials and equipment (obligatory)

Location: a description of where the research took place and possibly why (PISF)

Procedure: a discussion of the process used to obtain the data that was collected (obligatory)

Limitations: a discussion of the shortcomings of the experimental design, possibly accompanied by an explanation (optional)

Data Analysis: a description of how the data were analyzed (obligatory, but can be combined with the procedure)



Report the results with a limited amount of interpretation and commentary (obligatory)

Point out patterns in the data (obligatory)

Use tables and figures as necessary (PISF)



Review the research purposes, theory, methodology (PISF)

Summarize and report key findings (obligatory)

Comment on the key results by making claims, explaining the results, comparing the present study with previous research, and offering alternative explanations as necessary (obligatory)

State the limitations of the study (PISF)

Make recommendations for future implementation or future research (PISF)


PISF = preferred in some fields

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