Assessment 3: Health Topic Approval

Assessment 3: Health Topic Approval. Assessment 3 Instructions: Health Topic Approval


Submit to your faculty member for review and approval three potential health topics for a 30-minute educational session for patients of a family practice office.

For the final assessment of the course, you will assume the role of an office manager in a family practice office. Your office offers monthly 30-minute educational sessions for patients on a variety of topics. You have been asked to conduct next month’s presentation.

This Health Topic Approval assessment will allow you to keep your presentation in mind throughout the remainder of the course as you will use terms from several different assessments in your presentation, and you will be evaluated on accurate medical terminology use and pronunciation.

In most cases, your physician group would likely dictate your presentation topic. For the purpose of the final assessment in this course, however, you will have the opportunity to choose a topic that interests you. It does not need to be based on one of the body systems highlighted in the course assessments. For example, you may want to focus your presentation on a digestive system disease. Other examples include: diabetes management, cardiac rehabilitation, diet management, or skin care. These are examples only. Choose the topic of interest to you. Maybe you have a specific condition and would like to learn more about it given all that you have learned about medical terminology throughout this course. Maybe a family member or friend has the condition.

To help prepare for this assessment:
Please review the requirements for the health topic presentation and the scoring guide criteria presented in Assessment 6 as you consider the topics that interest you most.
You may also want to view the Health Topic Presentation | Transcript to see a brief example presentation.

To ensure your topic is sufficient and appropriate for the assessment requirements. please submit three potential topics to your faculty member. They will approve one of the topics and offer feedback as necessary.

Once you receive your faculty member’s approval on your topic, you will want to begin your research. Consult the HIM-FPX4610: Medical Terminology Library Guide for help on how to begin your research and identify credible sources.

Assessment 3: Health Topic Approval


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