Biology homework help

Biology homework help. PATHOGEN: SHIGELLOSIS


The purpose of this paper is to fully explore the history, characteristics, pathogenesis, and treatment of a pathogenic organism. Use the following questions to guide your inquiry (but do not limit yourself to only these questions):

Background/History: What is the history of this organism as it relates to us. When did we first become aware of it? How long has it been considered a pathogen?
Characteristics: How is this organism classified? What makes this organism unique from other related organisms? How is this organism identified in a lab?
Pathogenesis: What disease does this organism cause? What are the signs and symptoms or this disease? How does this organism cause disease? How does it interact with the host body? How does the host body fight back?
Treatment: What is the treatment for the organism? What are the risks of treatment? How does the organism respond to treatment?
There is no page limit, but I expect you to thoroughly research this organism. Use legitimate sources (not Wikipedia) and cite the sources in your paper. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable.

Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin through Blackboard and will be graded using the following criteria:

Background – 20%
Characteristics – 20%
Pathogenesis – 20%
Treatment – 20%
Style – 5%
References – 5%
Overall impression – 10%

Biology homework help


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