Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Fall 2020




Project Assignment: What is your “Biology Fun Fact?”


You will be working with a partner for this project. Prepare a slide (similar to the daily intro) about something you have studied, read, heard, thought, or wondered about related to biology. It could be about genetics, botany, evolution, ecology, health, microbiology, etc—it just needs to be something that interests you and on a biological question. Note that astronomy does not fall into this area, so please—as interesting as astronomy is, limit your topic to biology.


The slide should have a catchy and appropriate title, provide several visuals (photos, images, models, or videos), explain the significance, relevance, or novelty of the information, and also include appropriate citations for the source(s) you have used. The citations can be small and abbreviated, but you do need to give proper credit.


Please provide a very short summary that accompanies the slide that includes the following information:

· Your names

· The topic—your fun fact

· Why does this topic interest you?

· What questions about this topic can be explored further?

· Any relevant background that would help a viewer understand the topic


Due December 1, 2020, by 11 am. Submit online to Blackboard via the submission link. Be prepared to share the slide and information to the class

Biology homework help


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