Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Microbiology (Project #1)

1.) What does aerobic mean?

2.) What does facultative mean?

3.) What is the name of the type of drugs used to fighting off most infections?

4.) Give at least 2 clinical signs or symptoms of a possible infection.

5.) Give four factors which can influence bacterial growth.

6.) What is a fomite?

7.) Name two organisms that would cause pneumonia.

8.) What is chemotaxis?

9.) What is the purpose of “swelling” during the inflammatory response?

10.) How many stages are there in the bacterial growth curve and explain each one?

11.) What risk factors do you need to account for when dealing with the healing of a disease?

12.) How many minutes should it take to wash your hands during a scrub hand washing?

13.) Name 5 places where you can find normal microbiota?

14.) Name two types of organisms which can produce a spore.

15.) Name four diseases caused by a virus.

16.) Name three conditions caused by fungus.

17.) Name five conditions caused by bacteria.

18.) Where do antibodies come from?

19.) What does OSHA stand for? What is their purpose in the medical industry?

20.) What is a basophile?

21.) Name 4 organisms which can cause food poisoning.

22.) What is an autoimmune deficiency? Name 3 conditions.

23.) What is herd immunity?

24.) What is ELISA and what is it used for?

25.) How do antibiotics work? ( What makes them effective)

Biology homework help


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