BUSI 430 EXAM 3.


Question 1 

  1. Which statement below about poor      experiences and dissatisfaction with an e-commerce site is false?


Walmart saw a sharp decline in   conversion rate when its website load time increased from 1 second to 4   seconds. discovered that for every   100-millisecond decline in site load time, online revenue declined 1 percent.


Of consumers who were dissatisfied   with an e-commerce site’s performance, 40 percent were unlikely to ever visit   the site again.


Research by Torbit found that as load   time increased, the bounce rate declined.

2 points

Question 2 

  1. Bandwidth used by countries around      the world has now been standardized allowing for easier global e-commerce      activities.



2 points

Question 3 

  1. In order to avoid litigation,      marketers involved in real-time marketing must:


have all messages approved by the   brand’s legal team prior to a live event.


develop upfront strategic planning   prior to the assembling of war rooms during a live event.


develop only viral marketing messages   that are initiated by a consumer or fan posting on social media.


develop policies and rules prior to   live events that govern real-time marketing messages.

2 points

Question 4 

  1. Social listening can be an      excellent source of ideas for branded content pages.



2 points

Question 5 

  1. Adam goes to Subway almost weekly      and often makes comments on Twitter about his visits. Adam’s patronage of      Subway illustrates the brand advocate characteristic of:


behavioral commitment.


member of multiple social networking   sites.


quality communication skills.


emotional connection to the brand.

2 points

Question 6 

  1. Using real-time location data to      deliver advertising messages based on a person’s proximity to a retailer’s      location is:


audience targeting.


geo-aware advertising.




geo-targeting by DMA.

2 points

Question 7 

  1. For a viral marketing campaign to      work, individuals must be offered financial incentives to pass the message      along to other consumers.



2 points

Question 8 

  1. Social media can improve search      rankings on search engines in the following ways except having:


brand pages on multiple social media   networks.


the name of the brand mentioned   frequently in social media.


comments made by individuals about a   brand fit closely to search terms.


content about the brand closely fit   search terms.

2 points

Question 9 

  1. While social listening is      important because it gives brands an idea of what people think, brands      must be careful, however, because consumers are hesitant about speaking      how they really feel on social media networks.



2 points

Question 10 

  1. In stealth marketing programs,      brand ambassadors show and talk about a product to others:


without disclosing their true   relationship with the brand.


after revealing their relationship   with the brand.


only when they are asked by other   individuals.


and only disclose their relationship   with the brand when asked.

2 points

Question 11 

  1. In-game brand placement in video      games has all of the advantages of product placement and branded      entertainment. In addition, it has the added benefit of:


reaching young males.


reaching females.




being online.

2 points

Question 12 

  1. While e-commerce can increase      international orders, many are turned away primarily because the company:


does not understand the culture.


does not have a process in place to   fill the order.


is focused on domestic business.


does not have an established global   brand name.

2 points

Question 13 

  1. The success of Oreos during the      2013 Super Bowl game led to:


viral marketing campaigns created   prior to live events, but launched during live events.


the creation of interactive blogs   that engage fans of a sporting event.


the creation of war rooms during live   events to create and execute instant marketing messages.


content seeding strategies employed   just prior to and during live sporting events.

2 points

Question 14 

  1. The primary disadvantage of a      company deleting negative comments on its branded blog is it:


stimulates individual blogs designed   to destroy the brand.


usually results in a large number of   negative comments on social media networks.


destroys the blog’s credibility with   consumers.


encourages more negative comments by   consumers.

2 points

Question 15 

  1. Interactive marketing is the      development of marketing programs that create interplay between consumers      and businesses rather than simply sending messages to potential customers.



2 points

Question 16 

  1. Effective mobile marketing      involves understanding the social and shopping nature of mobile phone      users.



2 points

Question 17 

  1. A brand or product recommendation      from one person to another carries a higher level of credibility than does      an advertisement or a paid spokesperson.



2 points

Question 18 

  1. Companies normally select brand      ambassadors for buzz marketing programs based on:


their knowledge and experience with   the brand.


the age, income, and gender matching   the brand’s target market.


devotion to the brand and the size of   their social circles, families, reference groups, and work associates.


the level of acceptance of new   products and new technologies.

2 points

Question 19 

  1. In listening to social chatter,      brands should consider only the positive comments.



2 points

Question 20 

  1. Point-of-purchase displays are      highly effective for:


brand parity situations.


reciprocation tactics.


increasing sales.


pull-demand strategies.

2 points

Question 21 

  1. Each of the following is a reason      to use guerilla marketing except to:


reach consumers that cannot be   reached with traditional advertising.


build relationships with consumers.


create buzz.


interact with consumers.

2 points

Question 22 

  1. A local newspaper reporter is an      opinion leader when it comes to recognizing the best bar-b-que in town.      The reporter could be included in which type of program?


Influencer marketing


Opinionated marketing


Brand loyalty marketing


Biased marketing

2 points

Question 23 

  1. In terms of the evolution of the      internet, Web 3.0:


created online communities that   connected buyers and sellers.


featured brand engagement, social   media, and customer-generated reviews.


generated instant communication that   helped improve customer service.


created static content that included   customer involvement.

2 points

Question 24 

  1. Influencer marketing involves an      individual marketing a brand through social media.



2 points

Question 25 

  1. Which method of location-based      advertising often couples third-party demographic data or transactional      data with geo-location around a specific retail outlet?


Geo-targeting by DMA




Audience targeting


Geo-aware advertising

2 points

Question 26 

  1. Guerrilla marketing emphasizes      consumers passing along information about a product to other consumers.



2 points

Question 27 

  1. The use of branded entertainment      increased sharply with the:


increased interest in specialty shows   such as Extreme Makeover and Top Chef.


introduction of cable TV and the   ability to target audiences through specialty shows.


popularity of the American Idol shows   and fan voting.


rise of reality television shows   where there is a lack of script and the focus is on the real world.

2 points

Question 28 

  1. Approximately 70 percent of      Pinterest users are male.



2 points

Question 29 

  1. According to consumers, ceiling      banners and overhead mobiles are the most engaging forms of in-store      advertising.



2 points

Question 30 

  1. While social media marketing can      increase sales and build brand loyalty, the primary objective for social      media marketing should be to engage fans with the brand.





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