Business & Finance homework help

Business & Finance homework help. Instructions:

This individual project consists of you interviewing 2 different people and asking them the following MANDATORY questions:

1. In what way has your Companies handling of this COVID-19 Crisis affected your commitment to the organization?

· Are you more or less committed? Why or Why not?


2. In what way has your Companies handling of this COVID-19 Crisis affected your performance on the job?

· Are you more or less productive? Why or Why not?


3. Is there anything you would have done differently if you were in a position of authority to do so at your company or within your department?


4. What do you think will be the long-term effects this Pandemic will have on your job—at your company/organization?


5. Ask any additional questions as you see fit to help you with your interview.



In the first part of your conclusion: Summarize what you learned from the two (2) interviews. This portion is based on your interviewees’ responses only (not your thoughts).


In the second part of your conclusion; you should address how this Pandemic has affected you personally. Address how it has changed YOUR life…YOUR outlook as you are getting ready to graduate and go out to the workforce or perhaps enter an MBA Program, an internship or take a year off. Whatever your plans– how do you see them playing out under the current market conditions.


Students will have a choice to present their findings in a PPT Presentation or an Essay. Whichever delivery method you choose; it should include the following details at a minimum:


Detailed descriptions of your two (2) interview participants: (i.e first name only, name of company, position/job title, job description, tenure with organization)


What is their job status now? (Still Employed. Furloughed, Work from Home, Essential Employee, etc..)


Highlight participants’ responses to the mandatory questions asked during your interview.

List some themes that emerged from the 2 interviews.


Your conclusion should be in two parts as described above.


Essay Form = 850 -1000 words


Presentation Form = 15 – 20 slides

Business & Finance homework help


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