Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Instruction and Rubric of Group Project

CSCI 6623.81


Due on November 16, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Project report)



Total Points: 100

Learning Objective: The group project will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the applied aspect of database systems in your concentration.

  1. The group project will be related to the contents of this course. A group of three students will develop and design their own database (requirements, design, implementation using Oracle SQL, and front-end interface) related project.
  2. The group should find a real client or SQL related problems on cyber dataset or data analytics on numeric dataset problem and solve realistic database design problem. The project may be from your research area of study for an applied problem.

(Note: Please don’t contact realistic vendor in person or meet members of group in person)

  1. You must provide front-end visual representation & interaction with your database. In order to design the front-end visual representation, you may choose your favorite general-purpose programming language (C, C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JSP, etc.).
  2. You need to write and submit a project report (Maximum five-page, Font: Helvetica, Font size: 12, single line inter-line spacing, page-setup: 1in all sides, excluding front page). The report must include following sections:
    • The problem statements of real client.
    • The details about the hardware (your machine) and software (include version) used in the project.
    • The requirements of database, ERD (Crow’s foot model), SQL or Oracle SQL code, front end interface (PHP, HTML, CSS, or any other general-purpose programming language: Java, C#, C, C++, Python).
    • The results (Include screen shot of front end and Oracle SQL) and discussions.
  3. The internal documentation (i.e. comments) is required in Oracle SQL and front-end code (PHP or other languages). You need to include Oracle SQL code and front-end code in your project report as an appendix. However, the appendix will not be counted in the number of pages of “Project Report”. It implies that appendix will have additional number of pages in the project report. Additionally, there is no restriction of number of pages for the appendix.
  4. In order to present your project, you have to prepare a power point presentation for the duration of fifteen-minute in the class on zoom. Also, you must submit your report and ppts on blackboard.
  5. The schedule of presentation will be announced on blackboard.
  6. You have to send (email: your ppts at least 15-minute before the presentation start.


Grading Rubrics

  • (65 points) Written Report & Technical Contents.
  • (5 Points) Problem statements of realistic vendor client.

(Note: Please don’t contact realistic vendor in person or meet members of group in person)

  • (5 Points) Details about the hardware (your machine) and software (include versions) used in the project.
  • (5 Points) Internal documentation or comments in Oracle SQL and front-end code. It means that you will have to mention what is the purpose of a block of code.
  • (10 Points) Correct requirements and ERD (Crow’s foot model).
  • (10 Points) Correct SQL code (*.sql file) of designed database.
  • (10 Points) Correct code of front end (*.php, *.HTML, *. CSS, or other your favorite language: Java, C#, C, C++, and Python) of designed database.
  • (5 points) Screen shots of results (SQL & front-end) and discussion of results.
  • (5 Points) Level of complexity of the project.
  • (5 Points) No grammatical/punctuation/writing errors. Used correct format of front page of the report and adequately followed all directions, requirements, pages, and paragraphs, are well organized as per given instructions.
  • (5 points) References are located at the end of the report using correct APA style


  • (5*5 = 25 points) Oral Presentation (PPTs) in the class.
    • (5 points) Duration of presentation (15 minutes)
    • (5 points) Preparation of Contents of project.
    • (5 points) Explanation and discussion of the contents.
    • (5 points) Talk organization and Organization of slides.
  • (5 points) Q & A.


(c) (10 points) Presentation SlidesPPTs: You need to cover following points in ppts.

  • (2 points) Problem statements and requirements.
  • (6 points) Solution statements: ERD, Screen shots of SQL results, and front end.
  • (2 points) References are mentioned using correct APA style.



Policy on Lateness

  • 1 day late: 10% less of your secured points.
  • 2 days late: 20% less of your secured points.
  • 3 days late: 40% less of your secured points.
  • 4 days late: 60% less of your secured points.
  • 5 days late: 80% less of your secured points.
  • 1 week late: 0 points.


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