Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.  

Describe How Course work 1 and Course work 2  points are related to Job description points(Co-Relate Course work 1 and course work 2 with Job Description ( Write 40 points) -à 800 words

Course work 1

  1. Introduction Financial Management and Review of Financial Statements
  2. Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Planning
  3. Time Value of Money, Interest Rate and Bond Valuation
  4. Stock Valuation, Risk and Return Analysis
  5. Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting Techniques
  6. Capital Budgeting Cash Flows
  7. Current Assets and Current Liabilities Management
  8. Dividend Policy and Review of International Finance



  1. Grasp the importance of financial information in both your personal and business lives
  2. Understand the important features of the four main types of firms and see why the advantages of the corporate form have led it to dominate economic activity
  3. Able to Explain the goal of the financial manager and the reasoning behind that goal, as well as understand the three main types of decisions a financial manager makes
  4. Know how a corporation is managed and controlled, the financial manager’s place in it, and some of the ethical issues financial managers face
  5. Understand the importance of financial markets, such as stock markets, to a corporation and the financial manager’s role as liaison to those markets
  6. Be able to understand and construct financial statements ….. balance sheet; income statement; statement of owners’ equity and statement of cash flows.


  1. Describe how to standardize financial statements for comparison purposes.
  2. Compute and, more importantly, interpret common ratios.
  3. Assess the determinants of a firm’s profitability and growth.
  4. Identify and explain some of the problems and pitfalls in financial statement analysis.
  5. Determine the future and present value of investments with multiple cash flows.
  6. Calculate loan payments and find the interest rate on a loan.
  7. Describe how loans are amortized or paid off.
  8. Explain how interest rates are quoted (and misquoted).
  9. Discuss and be able to use the concepts of operating and financial leverage as part of the overall financial planning of a firm.



  1. Aligning Stockholder and Management Interests/TVM/Markets
  2. Describe why the time value of money is important when analyzing a potential project
  3. Calculate the future value of a multi-period investment with simple and complex interest rates
  4. Describe what real world costs to the investor comprise an investment’s interest rate
  5. Calculate the present value of an investment portfolio that has multiple cash flows
  6. Understand amortization schedules
  7. Calculate the present or future value of various annuities based on the information given
  8. Summarize the characteristics of a bond


  1. Understand how stock prices depend on future dividends and dividend growth
  2. Be able to compute stock prices using the dividend growth model
  3. Understand how corporate directors are elected
  4. Understand how stock markets work
  5. Understand how stock prices are quoted


  1. explore how companies compute their cost of capital by computing a weighted average of the three major components of capital: debt, preferred stock, and common equity.


Course work 2

  1. Familiar with the various approaches to Marketing Strategy
  2. Be able to create and implement a Strategic Marketing Plan
  3. Have a working knowledge of Product, Place, Price and Promotion Strategies
  4. Understand the relationship between Marketing and other functional areas


  1. The Creation and Implementation of a Strategic Marketing Plan
  2. Understood the unique marketing characteristics of a product
  3. Understand how the marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product.
  4. Discussed the notion that firms should stop doing business with customers who constantly generate losses versus the notion that the customer is always right.
  5. Understood the Relationships and interdependencies between marketing and other functional areas.
  6. Understood the role of demographics in relationship to integrated marketing communications.
  7. Able to learn the phrase “let the buyer beware” and its relationship to an ethical marketing perspective.


Job Description points

  1. Design and development of Software Applications. I am involved in Analysis, design and development of Business Process Management in the initial, design, testing and Go Live phases of software development life cycle based on Agile, PowerBuilder 12.6, Oracle 12c, Java 8, Angular, Micro Services, JIRA.
    1. Develop Deploy guide and lead the development efforts in the Development, Testing, Stage and Production environments.
    2. Understand existing 12.6 PowerBuilder applications and documenting QA results.
    3. Requirement gathering and actively involving in discussions with Business users.
    4. Analyze the user requirements and create Use Case documents for each module, technical specifications about the module including the screen design, business process involved and the various ways of implementing the business rules including all the validations, SQL to be written and pseudo code wherever applicable
    5. Involve in object-oriented programming techniques and PowerBuilder Foundation Classes (PFC). Participate in the software development lifecycle/modification of mid-tier Automated Information Systems to implement the business rules and data manipulations for on-line processing and batch uploads.
    6. Involve in discussions with the stake holders and Preparing Technical Design Documents based on Business Requirements; Collecting User Requirements, converting into program specifications and prototypes.
    7. Test client-server applications using object-oriented solutions (PowerBuilder 12.6, PFCs, and Oracle 12c PL/SQL) to develop programs/ procedures/functions, packages using TOAD and SQL Developer to analyze, design, develop, and deploy applications. Strong understanding of object-oriented programming techniques and PowerBuilder Foundation Classes (PFC). Participate in the software development lifecycle/modification of mid-tier Automated Information Systems to implement the business rules and data manipulations for on-line processing and batch uploads.
    8. Use Jira for software development documentation; Work on a complex processing system that has multiple interfaces to other systems as well as multiple interactions with both internal and external customers; Analysis, Design, Development, Coding, Testing, Migration, Enhancements.
    9. Involve in Migrating PowerBuilder 12.6 Application to Java and Angular; Migrate PowerBuilder 12.6 source code, including complex Data Windows and frameworks using Power Server Web; Document Use cases of existing Application as per the business requirements; Update daily status in the scrum meetings.
    10. Maintained Git repositories in Gitolite and supported user requests on daily basis







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