Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Write a paper summarizing your experience including (this should all total to about 2.5pages of writing, plus a title page, and a reference page):

  1. A summary of your experience including an evaluation of how successful you were. (0.5 page, 10 points)
  2. Internal (e.g., peer pressure helping/hindering your experience, situational circumstances, life stressors) and external factors (e.g., peer pressure helping/hindering your experience, situational circumstances, life stressors) that influenced your health behavior modification. Please refer to your text book and cite as appropriate here. (1 page, 25 points)
  3. How does this experiment relate to your overall health? What did you learn from this experiment that you could continue to implement with this health behavior or in other areas of your health? Are there other health behaviors you would like to or feel you “should” modify?  What are the barriers to making additional changes (either internal or external barriers—discuss at least 1 relative to another health behavior aside from the focus of this project). (1 page, 25 points)
  4. APA Style, title page, and reference page (making sure to cite the references in the body of the paper–CITE YOUR BOOK). (10 point)


Computer Science homework help


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