Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

Prepare a 3 page report and a short powerpoint presentation on the topic mentioned above. More details given below.

Imagine that a company wants to know all the important things about the design/structure/architecture (* important – not just user interface features) and the applications in  solaris operating system, and that company has assigned you the task of writing a report and presenting your findings to the managers and technical staff of that company.  Concentrate on the “big picture” first, that is, the most important things about whatever system(s) or approach you are studying. Don’t let your audience/readers get bogged down  in unimportant details. Only if fine details serve to help to understand the big picture, would you use those fine details as examples to illustrate how the important things work.

How the topic study will be evaluated:

The topic study will be evaluated according to:

(a) The quality, clarity, and completeness of the report and presentation.

(b) Whether the most interesting and most important facts about the topic were emphasized and clearly presented in the report and presentation.

The format for the references in the topic study, should be similar to the format of the references in the paper i have attached.

  • attachment


Computer Science homework help


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