Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Submit a paper with two or three pages of information in APA format. including a cover page, an abstract statement, and references the paper will be five pages total.

Describe in-depth, one future computing technology, trend or prediction and tell for how it will affect the way we work, live and collaborate. How will businesses and jobs be affected?

Examples: (You do not have to choose one of these topics.)

Give a general outlook for the technology, then give information that is industry specific. If you write about robotics, give an overview, then tell how robotics will affect health care, for example. How might robotics affect the field you are planning to pursue? Will robots be able to write creative code?

Other examples; Describe how artificial intelligence will affect privacy and personal freedoms. (This is already happening.) With AI, will computers ever be able to read our thoughts? Will we ever be able to make video recordings through our eyes? So, your topic can be a bit out there, as long as you have supporting resources. Have fun with this.


Computer Science homework help


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