Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

  2019 Georgia Cyberattacks

You are assigned with the task of writing a 1500-2000 word critical analysis academic paper on the incident response and disaster recovery of a specific cybersecurity incident. You will find your assigned cyberattack/breach in the list below. Your paper must analyze how the targeted/victim organization detected, responded to, and recovered from the attack. Your paper must include the following:

1. It must be 1500-2000 words not including the references (you will lose marks if you exceed or fail to meet the wordcount by).

2. It must be an original work of your own research and writing skills, free of plagiarism.

3. It must be in the ieee format with correct citations and references.

4. It must be written in professional academic language free of colloquialisms but also written so that a reader with an unknown level of knowledge (such as a C level executive, a board member, or manager) can understand your meaning, argument, and purpose.

5. You must use reliable sources. i.e. Trusted verifiable web resources (i.e. legitimate websites, news resources, white papers, peer reviewed works such as books, conference papers, reports journal articles, etc) NOT Wikipedia or personal blogs.

6. Your paper must have an introduction with a clearly stated thesis (an argument statement that tells the reader the point you will make. For example, XYZ company’s response to the ABC cyberattack was poorly managed due to a lack of communication or 123 Corp prevented severe financial losses due to their incident response handling). The introduction is the roadmap/outline to your paper. Following the introduction there must be a body containing the history of the attack/breach and an analysis of the incident that supports and proves your thesis. Lastly, you must write a conclusion that states how you have proven your argument and why it matters to Contingency Planning (IRP, BCP, DRP). The written part of the paper must be followed by a properly formatted list of references.

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Computer Science homework help


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