Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.


In August of 1997, a Swiss couple, John 52 years old and Buntham 26 years old Graben Stetter, were arrested at the Hilton in Buffalo, New York, and accused of smuggling thousands of computerized pictures of children having sex into the United States. The couple were alleged by authorities to have sold wholesale amounts of child pornography through the internet and carried with them thousands of electronic files of child pornography to the United States from their Swiss home.


  1. The couple were unproven to have agreed over the internet to sell child pornography to the United States (US) Customs agents posing as local US porn shop owners.
  2. The couple were suspected to have agreed to sell 250 CD-ROMs to US investigators for $10,000. According to reports, one CD-ROM had over 7,000 images.
  3. The couple were further alleged to have their 2-year-old daughter, traveling with them at the time of the arrest, who is also a victim.
  4. Authorities professed that photographs of the 2-year old daughter are on the CD-ROMs the parent were distributing.


Criminal’s MO is a learned behavior that continue to grow, develop, and advance tirelessly as the perpetrators turn out to be more experienced, sophisticated, and confident in the operation. Digital imaging technology and the internet allegedly help to unearth Swiss couple; John and Bentham’s prevailing MO, with intent of producing, marketing, and distributing child pornography materials to counterparts, and vulnerable innocent citizens of the world community.

Underground communications, seizure of 250 CD-ROMs and arrest of the Swiss couple was made possible by efficient use of computer and internet technologies. The couple were targeting international buying communities, secured agreement to sell and distribute illicit materials. Furthermore, the illicit items were alleged to have been digitized for transport, ease of storage, and ease of duplication as soon as the couple arrive in the United States. Emergence of computer and internet technologies helped digital forensic investigation in process.


The Swiss couple attempted to underestimate the United States custom agents and digital forensic investigator. Provide all-inclusive description on the importance of computer and the internet technologies.

The couple were suspected to have agreed to sell 250 CD-ROMs to US investigators for $10,000. Provide comprehensive narrative on how to approach the Swiss couple with only allegation; yet, not officially charged.

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Computer Science homework help


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