Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help. Instructions

Choose someone to interview for your assignment.

You may write your paper about your own experiences or those of a friend or family member. Your assignment should focus on one person.

Make sure the subject is comfortable talking about their delinquent behavior (any status offenses or criminal behavior that occurred before they turned 18).

Please keep the interviewee’s name/identity and interview responses confidential – do not share them with others.

Prepare a paper briefly summarizing relevant information about your subject and the criminological theory you have chosen.

Be sure to state which theory you have chosen and explain what the theory proposes in detail. Define any key terms and cite the textbook.

Use your chosen theory as a basis for explaining your interviewee’s delinquent (or lack of delinquent) behavior growing up.

Be sure to include all components of the theory you have chosen.

Formatting requirements:

typed, 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman typeface, correct citations as necessary

A minimum of two pages is required, but you will not be penalized for a longer paper.

Please pay attention to formatting (indent new paragraphs, correct font and spacing, etc.). You will lose points if your paper is incorrectly formatted.

Cite sources of information both within and at the end of your document. Use in-text citations when you paraphrase or quote other sources, and include a complete reference at the end of your paper. APA or MLA style will be accepted.

Criminal homework help


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