Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help. READ the following scenario and answer the questions below.

Ben is so sick of his job! His manager is incompetent, his co-workers are lazy, and he often has to do their work so nobody gets in trouble with upper-management. He is never appreciated for his efforts. Ben decides to give himself a raise one day; he takes 500 dollars from a corporate account that he is sure will not be noticed.

Ben then leaves work to take the bus home. The woman sitting in front of him put her purse under her seat. Ben, an opportunist, notices that the purse is from an expensive designer and figures that there is money inside. He uses his foot to scoot the purse closer to him because he intends to take it. Upon second thought, he decides against it. The woman gets up at the next stop, takes her purse, and leaves the bus. Ben gets off at the same stop.

Ben happens to be walking in the same direction as the woman from the bus, yet is about 50-feet behind her. She is carrying her purse loosely on her right elbow. They turn on a street where there are no other people. Ben then takes off sprinting and grabs her purse, knocking her to the ground. The problem is that she is still holding onto the purse- they both struggle for it. Ben kicks the woman in the face and she releases the purse. He takes off down an empty alley.

Ben then hears police sirens nearby. He sees an apartment and the front door is open. He runs into the apartment, to hide, with the intent to evade law enforcement. He then sees a Rolex watch on the dining room table. He takes it and puts it in his pocket. A woman then yells, ‘Get out of my house!’ as she walks towards Ben. She slips on a toy while walking and falls to the ground, breaking her leg. Ben, scared, runs out of the house.

1. What crimes against property did Ben commit? Explain.

2. What crimes against persons (people) did Ben commit? Explain.

2. Did Ben commit larceny on the bus? Explain.

3. Did Ben commit burglary when he entered the open apartment? Explain.

Essay: Your essay should be 2-3 pages and follow these guidelines:

* Double-spaced

* 12 -point Times New Roman or Arial font

* One-inch margins

* APA format (Title page, Citations, Reference page)

* Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation


Criminal homework help


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