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Discussion Board #5: Chapters 9 & 10

This discussion board consists of two questions from Chapters 9 & 10.  Keep in mind, YOU can only answer these questions correctly by reading the chapter material and demonstrating your knowledge of the material.  IT’s the only way.

1) Chapter #9–What was your visceral reaction to the taco story? How does this help you understand the difference between mores and taboos?

(2) Chapter #10–What constitutes a just war? Do you consider recent U.S. wars, such as the war in Afghanistan, the Iraq War begun in 2003, and/or the war on terror to be just? Why or why not? Are just wars social problems?

Important Note: You are required to TYPE each question for ALL your discussion boards.  The words which constitute or make-up the question is not include in your 500 word response.  NO, each question does not have to have 500 words.  The entire discussion board response itself should have 500 words or more between the two questions.

You must read chapters 9 & 10 the book is called  Authors: Maxine P. Atkinson, Kathleen Odell Korgen, & Mary Nell Trautner. Title: Social Problems: Sociology In Action.  ISBN: 9781544338668

Also you must include  :

You will use these theories for the entire semester.  You should always incorporate ONE of the theories in your discussion postings at ALL TIMES.  No other theories are allowed in your discussion boards OR in your paper; not unless otherwise approved by me.

1-Major Theoretical Perspective-Functionalism

Functionalism-emphasizes the contributions (functions) performed by each part of society.

What is functionalism—is a theoretical framework in which society is viewed as composed of various parts, each with a function that, when fulfilled, contributes to society’s equilibrium.

In other words, functionalism is the notion that society is like a living organism, each part serves an important role in keeping society together.

2-Major Theoretical Perspective-Conflict Theory

What is conflict theory—a theoretical framework in which society is viewed as composed of groups that are competing for scarce resources.

The conflict perspective claims that inequality and injustice are the sources of conflicts that permeate society.

Conflict theory emphasizes conflict, competition, change, and constraint within a society.

Overall, has to do with power and conflict.

3-Major Theoretical Perspective-Symbolic Interactionism

Symbolic interactionism is a microsociology at the micro level of analysis.

Symbolic interactionismis a theoretical perspective that focuses on the interaction among people-interaction based on mutually understood symbols.

Another term for symbolic interactionism—is viewed as composed of symbols that people use to establish meaning, develop their views of the world, and communicate with one another.

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