>Criminal homework help

>Criminal homework help.

Students will be given a variety of media, including videos, articles, and essays, to review and interpret during the last third of the course. These materials will allow the students to examine the topics with the benefit of having researched on various discussion subjects and completed the assigned readings from the course text books. Upon review of the information students will then write a short essay discussing their thoughts on the material reviewed. These thoughts may include examination of the issues presented, policy creations or political responses, personal experiences, evaluation of or suggestions for future research and other materials as you may believe relevant. As always students should use APA formatting and identify resources used both in text and as a reference. It is my hope that you will demonstrate your understanding of the broad topic of (TTM) and the implications of these issues within society.

Essays will be delivered through CANVAS for my review and not available under discussion for the class other than the last essay which may be posted under discussion but will be delivered through CANVAS for grading.

Each original essay should be at least 500 words and is due as assigned on the Canvas Course Modules and Course Template.

  • Character Education and the Digital Age

When your parents grew up, they probably had to take “Civics” classes in school…which taught them Character Education.  Our education system now largely concentrates on standardized testing, and the core subjects of learning – which means we don’t really have time during the school day for classes on Character.

I believe teaching youth character and integrity in their thoughts, words, and actions can help reduce peer conflict, bullying, harassment, threats, delinquency, and violence.  I may be an idealist, but I think this is essential since we are not naturally bent on doing the right thing.

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>Criminal homework help


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