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Criminal homework help.


Identify a contemporary environmental concern in the United States or Canada that is of interest to you. It may relate to a community in which you are a member, or it may be in a place in which you have never been. In the report you will explore the nature of the concern, its history, and the community’s response to the condition/hazard by answering ALL of the following prompts/questions:

  • Describe the background of the issue/concern. Where does it occur? (Neighborhood? County? State?) Why is this happening? For how long?
  • Explain how and why this is an environmental justice concern. How is this issue related to the definition of environmental justice?
  • How many people are affected? Which groups of people are most affected?
  • What are the actual and potential environmental impacts?
  • What are the potential health impacts or risks? Consider non-humans too.
  • What are the socio-economical impacts?
  • Which organizations or agencies are involved? What are their tactics? Have they been effective? Include discussion of grassroots orgs and community groups.
  • What alternatives have been developed to resolve this conflict/concern, if any? Describe them and their feasibility.
  • How can this issue be better understood using the pillars of critical environmental justice or another theoretical framework?

Your analysis should rely on a combination of theory, research, agency reports, and secondary data that are available through existing websites, such as EJ Atlas (Links to an external site.)EJ Screen (Links to an external site.), or the Census (Links to an external site.)Cite data, news, and AT LEAST FOUR (4) scholarly sources (books and journal articles) relevant to your case.



You will submit your report through Canvas by December 1, 2020 and it will be reviewed through TurnItIn. Please do not turn in a paper for another class that has no relevance to environmental inequality and justice. Here are the guidelines for the paper:

  • Must be typed, doubled-spaced, and 8-10 pages, excluding references.
  • All unoriginal ideas and concepts must be properly cited using the American Sociological Association (ASA) format.
  • All papers must be submitted to Canvas by the day that they are due. E-mailed papers will NOT be accepted.
  • Late papers will receive a 10-point penalty for every DAY that they are late, up to 2 days. No papers will be graded after 2 days from the due date.
  • Each report will be read thoroughly and graded based on:
    • overall presentation of the concepts including grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing,
    • your ability to follow directions and completely answer all questions,
    • the level of critical thinking displayed,
    • clarity and order of argument/ideas, and
    • accurate use of sociological concepts and supporting examples or data.

This was my Case study Draft I did. You must continue to write about this only. Check the upload….

Please put the references in order.

  • attachment


Criminal homework help


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