Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

Is there a “Ferguson Effect” with respect to hiring minorities in policing?

Article reviews enable you to practice thinking critically and to synthesize information. Do not quote from the article. Instead, summarize and paraphrase. For purposes of promoting originality, citations should be limited to about 1-2 per paragraph in most instances. Paragraphs should ideally consist of between 5-7 sentences each. Your review must be written in your words and include Biblical integration and at least three scholarly citations, one of which can be your textbook, in APA format. In addition to 5-7 pages of content, make sure to include a title and reference page. You do not need to produce an abstract for this assignment.

The essence of graduate work is your ability to synthesize the works of multiple authors and present a coherent paper that shows you fully understand the concepts under discussion. This assignment requires you to compare two articles, read them, and discuss how they are related to the overall topic of law enforcement leadership and civil liberties. One article is part of the weekly reading and each student will find another article on the same subject, using the Liberty University library resources. Please ensure your finished product reflects how the articles relate to the discipline of law enforcement. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, make sure to cover the following pertinent questions as you prepare your Critical Review assignment. Please write in a narrative format and do not simply answer the questions.

What is the article’s title and purpose?

What are the authors’ theoretical assumptions?

What are the major similarities and differences in the authors’ views?

Do the articles advance the work in the field of law enforcement?

Does your research indicate the need for improved leadership training in law enforcement?

Be sure to review the criteria on the Article Reviews Grading Rubric before beginning this assignment.

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Criminal homework help


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