Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help. Flash reflections are assignments that help you to better understand the material. Flash reflections are included in this course work to get you thinking about how the issues and information presented in the course might apply to the real-world. Responses should should contain sufficient detail to both show your understanding of the material and answer all the questions posed. Refer specifically to the assigned videos and readings in your responses.

Watch and consider the videos assigned to date in light of the course readings and answer the following questions about them:

Describe your personal thoughts and experiences on how women offend differently than men and contrast that with what is described in the course materials.
Feel free to share any personal experience with criminal offending you are comfortable sharing.
Consider the theories to explain female criminality and offending that were covered in this module. Which of them do you find the most convincing? Which is the least convincing? Why? Explain your answer for each theory you selected.
Trace the evolution of the typical Criminal Justice response to female offenders and the impact that feminism has had over that evolution. Which of these evolutionary changes do you see as the most important for women and crime? Why? Explain your choice.




Criminal homework help


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