Assignment Content

  1.     In previous assignments, you have looked at how the different types of CRM practices and systems (operational, strategic, and analytical) help companies understand customers and customer-related data in order to make decisions so the company is successful.

    In this assignment, you consider the case of a company that doesn’t yet have a CRM and needs one. For that reason, you won’t be using the Case Report Resources. You will help evaluate a company’s needs, select a CRM, and determine how the company will implement. The implementation plan will identify risks and strategies to avoid those risks.

    Imagine you are a newly hired IS Manager for Engaged Teachinga small non-profit organization that seeks to improve social, emotional and academic outcomes in schools. The organization has been operating for 20 years. It has a full-time staff of 6 people: a director, an office manager, a financial manager, a donor manager, a course leader, and an IS manager. The operating budget is $600,000 per year. The organization has collected contact information of donors and professionals who are interested in the organization’s mission along with some notes on types of contacts, amounts donated, and event attendance.

    The organization is seeking a CRM with the following:

    • Single place to hold contact information
    • Ability to pull records regarding donations by year, amount, number of times donations were made
    • Ability to note contacts made by various employees, attendance at events held by the organization, birthdays, and how each contact is related to other contacts
    • Maximum annual cost of $3,000
    • Easy navigation for employees with varying computer skills
    • There are 3 main places information is now located:
    • Notebooks
    • Sticky notes
    • Computer files, located on employee computers in the form of word documents, saved emails, and excel spreadsheets
    • Your task is to recommend a CRM and implementation plan for Engaged TeachingThe director has asked you to put together a presentation for the organization with your CRM and implementation plan recommendations.

      Assignment Instructions & Deliverables
      Prepare a 12- to 14-slide multimedia-rich presentation with speaker notes that presents your recommendation for which CRM should be used and the implementation best practices.

      Do the following:

    • Recommend a CRM currently available for use.
    • Provide a summary of what the CRM will provide and how it will address the organization needs.
    • Detail an implementation plan for the company. Include employee roles, timeframe, steps to full usage of CRM and cost—both for the CRM software and employee-related set up and maintenance.
    • Discuss how the CRM will assist the company.
    • Identify short-term and long-term risks.
    • Share CRM implementation challenges and solutions to challenges.
    • Record at least a 5-minute voiceover to accompany your presentation. Use the software of your choice, such as Sound Recorder or Audacity, to create your audio file and save as a MP3 or WAV file.
    • Include the assumptions, and cite any sources used in your research, including the textbook.
    • Submit your assignment.



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