student tiffany- Re: Topic 1 DQ 1
Hello Professor and Class,Throughout adulthood, I have been involved in a number of organizations, professional and personal. My first job was at the Boys and Girls Club because as an adolescent I was a member of the Boys and Girls Club. However, some other organizations that were most prominent included the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union, as well as the American Association of Educators. Prior to entering the educational field, I worked at Kohl’s Department store. Because of trials that occurred at the corporate level, I was encouraged by my coworkers to join UFCWU to fight for employee rights. I joined the AAE for the same reasons upon entering the public school district in my community.In these organizations, organizational messages were constant. One thing I can say about both organizations was that they both kept members extremely informed regarding current events that affected our livelihood. These communications came in numerous ways. Regardless of preferences for communication, everyone stayed informed. From newsletters to emails and even social media, no one I knew personally or professionally who was a member of these organizations lacked knowledge about current events that were pertinent to the issues at hand.Often, we would be on the receiving end of subtle subliminal messages in the organization from leadership that could often be perceived as negative or confusing. However, all we had to do was seek representation from the above organizations to determine what was actually happening. Whether pertaining to legislation nationwide, statewide or locally, these organizations helped me to maintain a heightened awareness. There are no methods I can think of that would have improved their organizational messages. This is because all communication stayed professional and informative. They definitely prioritized keeping stakeholders informed, which is supported as an effective strategy according to current research. For example, Cornelissen (2017) stated that organizations should “engage with stakeholders not just for instrumental reasons but also for normative reasons” in order to maintain a stakeholder and corporate connection.

angelia Re: Topic 1 DQ 1
Professional organizations that I have been a part of in my life include the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Educators. Personally, I have been a troop leader with Girl Scouts. The NAR was an organization that I took pride in participating in because it allowed me to network in my field at the time. Prior to education, I was a realtor in the Atlanta, GA area. However, I eventually became interested in pursuing education when I began working with Girl Scouts. That prompted me to join the National Association of Educators.Organizational messages were used in these organizations in an ongoing manner. Communication was essential for success. According to Cornelissen (2017), “both marketing and public relations emerged as separate “external” communication disciplines in the twentieth century when organizations realized that in order to prosper they needed to concern themselves with issues of public concern.” Despite the differences between corporate America and education, my involvement in all of these organizations taught me that regardless of the organization, the company must keep the stakeholders in mind and involve them in open communication regarding important matters. Public concern is essential to becoming profitable.Regarding areas of improvement, specifically the NAE could have used organizational messaging more effectively. Communications from the NAE were often very superficial. Furthermore, attempts to seek answers to questions of ongoing public concern, reaching the appropriate officials were often difficult. Moreover, newsletters and messaging from the company were often lacking concrete information regarding current educational issues. It appeared that the purpose of the newsletters was to avoid frustrating the majority of the public. However, this caused a lack of authenticity. If more authenticity was included in provided materials, then the communication and messaging would have been more effective.Cornelissen, J. (2017). Corporate communication: A guide to theory and practice,5th ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Press. ISBN-13: 9781473953703

tiffanyRe: Topic 1 DQ 2
In the past decade, there have been multiple weather issues that have impacted the function of Atlanta’s school districts as well as the surrounding school districts. A severe snowstorm occurred several years ago that Atlanta was not prepared for. Some school districts cancelled school. However, most did not because of prior knowledge regarding the lack of snow that is typical of this area. Because of this decision, many citizens, parents, students and employees were stranded for an average of 24 hours on the interstates and at schools. The impact on the city was negative due to cars being stranded in the middle of many highways and children and employees spending the night at schools.Due to this situation, a few years later a weather scare prompted the city’s schools to cancel school operations early the evening prior to the expected weather event. This communication was welcomed at first until the next day when the weather was surprisingly clear. Because of the early organizational message, citizens felt the call came in too early and this caused some community disgruntlement, a negative ramification. Communication greatly impacts an organization’s image and thereby success. Cornelissen (2017) states, “the emphasis that organizations, both in theory and practice, place on managing their corporate image suggests a preoccupation with how they symbolically construct an image for themselves through their communication (Cornelissen, 2017: pg. 85).”Reference:Cornelissen, J. (2017). Corporate communication: A guide to theory and practice,5th ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Press. ISBN-13: 9781473953703



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