Economics homework help

Economics homework help.

  1. Open the TeachingsRatings data in RStudio.
  2. Read the Description of the data uploaded on Canvas.
  3. Provide a summary of variables: Course-eval, Beauty, female, age, minority, intro, and onecredit (what they are, what their unit is, what their mean is?)
  4. Run a single regression of Course-eval over Beauty.
  5. What is the model?
  6. What is the predicted equation?
  7. Is the coefficient of “beauty” significant? Why?
  8. Run a multiple regression of Course-eval over Beauty, female, age, minority, intro, and onecredit. (the 6 variables must be included in 1 regression and not separately).
  9. What is the population equation?
  10. What is the predicted equation?
  11. What is the effect of beauty on Course-eval in the multiple regression.
  12. In the multiple regression, which one of the regressors (coefficients) are statistically significant? Why?
  13. What is the new R2 and what does it mean?
  14. In the multiple regression, provide a test of the significance of course characteristics on the course evaluations.

(hint: if you keep the order of the variables I wrote in part. 8 the same, the null of this test would H0: B5=B6=0, meaning in your MLRM you should check the significance of intro and onecredit at the same time. You should run a F-Test. Once with these variables and once without them and create your restricted and unrestricted models)

  1. What is the pvalue associated with the “overall ftest” of the regression part 8? What does it mean?

VERY IMPORTANT: You should calculate and provide the FSTAT on PAPER (even if you use RStudio to get the fstat, you should confirm it again. I want you to do it once to learn it)




Economics homework help


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