>Education homework help

>Education homework help.


For this week’s assignment, you will be writing a blog post. In this blog post, you will be addressing comprehension and vocabulary instruction for struggling readers. Remember that when an author blogs, it is usually with the intent to convince others to share his/her line of thinking. Thoughts/points to guide your blog should include:

  • The importance of comprehension and vocabulary instruction.
  • How teaching comprehension and vocabulary skills can help struggling readers.
  • Offer recommendations and strategies for supporting struggling students.
  • The value of shared reading in strengthening comprehension and vocabulary.

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  1. Create a new document of your choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office – anything that can be saved/exported to PDF format).
  2. Write your blog post. Make sure that it is between 500-600 words.
  3. Be sure to refer to the assignment rubric to ensure you meet the required criteria, including citing sources.  Be sure to refer to the assignment rubric to ensure you meet the required criteria, including citing sources.  You can always view the rubric from the Course Resources folder at the top of this course or by clicking on Advanced Grading in the Administration Block.
  4. Save your blog as a PDF file with the naming convention Blog_FirstNameLastName. If your name is Walter Payton, your document name would be Blog_WalterPayton.
  5. Upload and submit your saved document to the upload interface below.

Points Possible: 30


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>Education homework help


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