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Education homework help. PACO 507

Comparison Paper Instructions


Write a brief statement about each of the 10 segments of the author’s theory/methodology (listed below), explaining succinctly the foundational constructs and implications of his theory, and the rationale behind your responses. The successful completion of this assignment will benefit the student’s development in growing as a pastoral counselor by gaining a more comprehensive understanding of different theoretical approach to pastoral counseling. Valuable insight will be gained as well as the opportunity to self-reflect on one’s personal and professional development as a pastoral counselor


The paper should follow the outline below:

1. Primary goal (What is the desired outcome?)

2. Development of problems and personal need (How do the issues come about?)

3. Biblical integration (How much of the Bible is used in this methodology?)

4. Formula for change (the author’s stated steps to the desired outcome)

5. Balance of theology and spirituality (Does the author lean more to theology or spirituality?)

6. Human personality (development and structure)

7. Counselor’s function and role (What does the counselor/counselee relationship look like?)

8. Major contribution to counseling (How does this theory impact counseling?)

9. Limitations of this counseling theory (What are the practical boundaries of this methodology?)

10. Classification (nouthetic, biblical, Christian, Christian psychology, integrational, etc.)


1. Give practical application to each author’s material as relates to the utility for the overall discipline of counseling and the specific potential influence upon your life and ministry.

2. Give a brief example of how this author’s book might impact a counseling moment.

This assignment will be completed following the current APA or Turabian format. It must not exceed 7 pages, including the title page and reference page.

Within the body of the paper include 2 headings: “Summary” and “Practical Application.” In the “Summary” section, state the 10 subheadings listed above and in the “Practical Application” section, state the 2 subheadings listed above, as the outline for your content.

Education homework help


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