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Education homework help. I would like to discuss:

According to the BBC reporter, Christina Scharff, many young women do not call themselves feminists. They also do not want to be associated with feminism. What could be the reasons for most women not associating with feminism, yet they support the concepts of gender equality?



Just remember these criteria for evaluation:


Each journal should include three sections:


1. Description. Describe the content you learned. This demonstrates knowledge content retention.


2. Reflection. Reflect upon what you learned. This is the section in which you could state what surprised you, what resonated with one of your experiences, and/or how you might use the knowledge you gained.


3. Analysis. In this section, you analyze what you are learning in terms of students learning outcomes for our class and/or synergy with other course material (from our class or another you are taking). This is the section in which you bring multiple pieces of your thinking together to show you are achieving our course learning outcomes.



2 pages double spaces

7edtin APA style

Education homework help


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