Education homework help

Education homework help.

I need an essay based on RTI and the benefit of: Continuous monitoring of student progress during the interventions, using objective information to determine if students are meeting goals.  The individual component consists of each group member presenting either a benefit or challenge to implementing RTI.

For this assignment, you will be required to review professional, peer-reviewed journal articles related to RTI. You must use in-text citations to reference your ideas and provide one references page that includes all sources used by the group (use APA 7th ed. formatting). I will attach the three peer-reviewed journals.

  • Describe RTI including an explanation of how this process is being used in K-12 schools. This section should conclude with a thesis statement that lets the reader know the focus of the paper (i.e., the discussion of benefits and challenges to follow).

o Paragraphs should begin with a key or topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph simply. This sentence should provide a context for the reader to understand what is to follow. The paragraph should then be developed to include details explaining, and evidence supporting, the topic sentence. If a paragraph seems to have two key points and both are relevant to your argument, write one paragraph for each point.


Benefit #1: Continuous monitoring of student progress during the interventions, using objective information to determine if students are meeting goals.

Summary of a real and/or perceived benefit of using RTI. Identify a benefit of implementing RTI from the peer-reviewed professional literature. Information must be presented in paragraph form that includes a topic sentence that informs the reader of the focus of the discussion. You must have at least three peer-reviewed articles that present the benefit being discussed (include in-text citations to support your discussion).
Here are some websites to get information on RTI:

Here is the APA format that is needed for the essay:


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Education homework help


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