Education homework help

Education homework help. “One Pager” Educational Tool Project Guidelines


Introduction: The goal of this project is to create a “one pager” educational tool. This topic of this tool will be related to the topic you previously researched for your Needs Assessment Project. A one pager is quick guide for sharing key information and strategies related to a topic.

Example “one pagers” from the real world:

Know your rights when faced with ICE agents

What You Need to Know about Covid-19

6 ways to be Inclusive to LGBTQ Families

Thinking about thinking skills in depression

30 Great Accommodations for Children with ADHD

Immigration& Refugee Services

Directions: 1. Create a “one pager” tool that would benefit professionals in your future field, around the topic you

previously researched for the Needs Assessment. Your one-pager can be broad, or it can be more focused.

Your one pager should include specific strategies and tips for working with your population, and anything else

that might be relevant on a quick guide.


You are encouraged to make something that is creative and informative for professionals in your future field

(teachers, counselors, speech pathologist, gerontologist, social workers, etc.).


For Example: if your topic was transgender identity…

 A broad one pager could include general definitions and issues, statistics, and provide tips for working with

trans-people successfully.

 A focused one pager could be specifically about employment issues Trans individuals face, inclusion in

gendered activities (such as sports teams), or fostering a gender-inclusive environment in elementary school



2. Submit a PDF or PNG version of your tool. (PDF/PNG files protect your format)


Resource suggestions for Creating One Pager

Canva: offers infographic templates

Google Slide/Powerpoint: templates

MS Word/other word processing programs

MS Publisher/Swift Publisher


(P.S. – A good one pager makes a nice portfolio piece, or a work sample when it comes to job interviews.  )


Education homework help


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