Education homework help

Education homework help.

Written Lesson Plan Criteria for Teaching Preschool Language Arts/Literacy Skills/Concepts

1.     NJ Preschool Curriculum Standard for Language Arts:

2.     Lesson Objective: The students will be able to… 

3.     Motivation for Lesson: In this section, state what you will say to the children to get them interested in the lesson. List one or two open-ended questions that give the children the opportunity to talk about the topic you will present. Describe the pictures you will show to encourage the children to answer your questions. 

4. Procedure: Write a list of things you will do to teach the preschoolers the lesson objective you want them to learn. Number each item, listing the dialogue you will say, the questions you will ask, the book you will read, the materials you will use. Using a book as a springboard for your lesson will help you organize your lesson. (Make sure to search online for a book that is appropriate for preschoolers.) Make sure to describe exactly what you will do to TEACH the children. The last item in your list should be a whole group activity where you guide the children to participate and show you what they learned. (As the children interact and participate, the lower level learners will have the higher level learners to model the skill.)

5. Assessment Activity: The group activity you described in the last item in your list is your assessment activity. Now describe it here, as an independent activity, where you, as the teacher, will evaluate each child as they demonstrate the skill. (If this way a lesson to be used in the class, you would make sure to have a checklist, with each child’s name on it. As you would work with small groups of 1-4 students, you would check whether or not they mastered the lesson objective.)

Education homework help


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