Engineering homework help

Engineering homework help.

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these are the questions that you need to answer them:

1-List five sports-related products that you think should be designed to make playing sports more fun ?

2-List five internet-based services that are not currently available, but that you think will eventually become important.

3- Investigate the of at least two different pens and mechanical pencils. write down

a) your important design parameters

b) the advantage and disadvantage associated with each design .

4- In the near future, NASA is planning to send a spaceship with humans to Mars. Write down important concerns and issues that must be planned on this trip such as:

a) How long it would take to go to Mars?

b) What type and how much food reserves are needed for this trip?

c) What type of exercise equipment should be on board so muscies won’t atrophy on this long trip?

d) What should be done with the waste?

e) What is the energy requirement for such a trip ?

5-What is the Project Scheduling?

6-What is the Decision Matrix?

Engineering homework help


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