English homework help

English homework help.

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Contemporary Culture/Diversity News Journal:

Throughout the semester, you are expected to keep up with current events in focused on the issues of culture anddiversity as it relates to business studies.   As part of your daily reading of contemporary culture  and diversity news (via the Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, CNN, etc.), you are to select a  singlebusiness-related  topic  of  culture/diversity    interest.    Collect  (electronically)  and read  (approximately)  one  to  three  articles  per  week;  all  on  your  pre-approved  topic.  Potential topics might include national cultures, regional cultures, sub-cultures, or groups.  Examples might consider diversity in the traditional media and/or social media, movies, in the workplace, etc. across culture realms or within a single culture or subculture.

6Each journal entry should include a brief summary/analysis (1 to 2 sentences, hand-written or electronic notes are ok); this process will help you write your final paper.  Be prepared to share on a daily basis something from your journal with the larger class or class group (the   sharing   of   contemporary business-related   culture/diversitynews   readings   will comprise part of your participation grade).  Email me a compilation of your articles (really,just your links) with brief commentary on September17andOctober15.  It  is  your  responsibility  to  email  me  the  article  links. Before turning in your completed Contemporary News Journal, write a summary analysis of your topic (1-2 paragraphs) andhow it connects to the course(4-5 paragraphs) for a total length of 2 full pages (double-spaced typed).

English homework help


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