>English homework help

>English homework help.


Show me that you can

  • Control the contents of an analytical essay with a concise and complex thesis statement that declares the argument you are defending in your paper.
  • Integrate textual evidence (specific details and in-text citations) to support that thesis.
  • Apply the close reading and analytical skills we’ve been practicing in class to the text.


  • 3-4 pages (750-1,000), typed, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman, 1-inch margins
  • 1-2 outside sources. MLA format for citations. You will need a Works Cited page.
  • Your analysis should be detailed and persuasive.
  • Your paper should be clear, logical, and well organized.
  • PROOFREAD! Submitting a paper with several sentence-level errors will result in a deduction of points from your final paper grade.


Find an ad that depicts someone in a negative or distorted way and analyze it: How are gender norms represented and perpetuated in advertising and in your ad in particular?

Your argumentative essay will consist of the following paragraphs:

Intro Paragraph:

  • Background info/history/context on how gender has been/is represented in advertising
  • Thesis statement – include the name of your ad and how it perpetuates gender norms

Body Paragraphs:

  • One paragraph should be a detailed description of your ad. Talk about what kind of advertisement it is: Is the ad from a magazine or a newspaper, or is it on the radio, television, or internet? Explain everything going on in your ad. I should be able to visualize it without having to look at the ad itself. Describe what it is advertising.
  • The rest of the body paragraphs should address the question of how gender is represented in your ad (your analysis). What images, appeals, specific language, etc. is the ad employing? Which gender is it directed at? Which advertising appeals and persuasive techniques is it using (reference handout)? Are the people portrayed in an unrealistic or unhealthy way? How would Jean Kilbourne (TedEx video “The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women”) view the ad’s portrayal of gender? Include any other outside sources that help support your claim.

Conclusion Paragraph:

  • Is it an effective advertisement? In other words, does it successfully sell the product, and can the product live up to everything it promises? How does its representation of gender impact society?

>English homework help


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