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English homework help.


Advocacy Project Prospectus

In cp, the problem I described is what impact school bullying has on students. In ap, I

will introduce and explain several changes and efforts made in response to school bullying, and

whether these efforts have effectively improved school bullying behavior. For school bullying,

we must effectively prevent it, stop it in time, and make adjustments afterwards.

The teaching of adults is of great help to the behavior of students, including teachers and

parents. The combination of teachers and parents will make subtle changes to students. But this

kind of education is not the most effective method for students with serious bullying tendencies.

This method can only prevent school bullying. For schools, the policies and countermeasures

issued by the education department will be powerful measures. The best example is “U.S.

Education Department Releases Analysis of State Bullying Laws and Policies”. When the

education department issues notices and related measures, the incidence of school bullying will

be greatly reduced. Many students give up the idea of ​​bullying because they are afraid of being

punished. For parents, tell their children about the dangers of bullying in time and instill correct

values ​​in them. Teach children the correct way to deal with others and teach them to establish

good interpersonal relationships. Let the child understand the impact of bullying on others and

the responsibilities of the perpetrator, and let the child understand the consequences.

The establishment of anti-bullying organizations can also effectively prevent the

emergence of bullying. Due to the current society, school bullying is valued, and major

communities and schools have launched anti-bullying organizations and anti-bullying clubs.

Members of this organization will effectively improve social tolerance and effectively respond to

bullying behavior. Organization members will conduct activities in their communities or schools

to communicate with students. Help students provide good psychological counseling and give




some help. This method greatly reduces the psychological trauma of the bullied student, and will

provide support and company.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. This program originated in Norway and has been

applied to some schools in the United States. Researchers are also observing and making

statistics during this program, and improving and enhancing this program. Olweus encourages

schools to offer anti-bullying courses as part of the curriculum and provide a framework for

addressing bullying and victims. Data shows that after schools use this program, students’

willingness to implement bullying behaviors has decreased significantly, and students’

compassion has increased significantly. Of course, the data also shows that the longer the

implementation of this program, the more obvious the effect.

















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Professor comment:

Good work with this! I get a clear sense of what you’d like to discuss in your Advocacy Project.

What remains now is simply to perform more research into the specific economic and legislative

benefits and problems that might arise when trying to implement your solution, using the

questions on the MERL Worksheet as guidelines. Reach out to me if you have any questions or

concerns as you undertake further writing and research, and I look forward to seeing your first



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